Hair10 Hairstyles Perfect for Summertime Date Nights
  • Feel like your look is a bit boring? Dress it up with a braid! Whether it be French, fishtail or even classic, a braid will always give that finished, polished off look. 

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  • If you're the creative type, what better way to show off your skills than with your hair on date night? If you have long hair (or extensions), make a bow out of your hair to dress things up without going too over the top. 

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  • Make it messy, make it classy, make it twisted, even curly; with the chignon bun, your options are literally limitless. The look is timeless and elegant, and is a super easy way to add sophistication to your style. 

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  • Fake him out with a faux bob. Even if you're not going on a date, this is the perfect way to try out the short hair trend without making a commitment. 

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  • Going for the half-up, half-down twist is perfect for giving yourself a style without looking too fancy.  

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  • Let's face it: guys love messy, beachy wavy hair, and we love it too! A sultry, wavy hair look will allow you to have a carefree concious on your date and just about guarantee you another. So go ahead, let your hair down and spritz on the sea salt spray. 

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  • Pull your hair into a ponytail for a sleek look, making it sweeter with hair accessories like a headband or bow. 

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  • Go ahead and take the spotlight with this romantic French twist hairstylist. The Parisian hairstyle is stylish, can be casual or luxurious, and depending on how you choose to wear it, it's a truly understated beauty look.  

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  • Go for a completely straight, smooth look on your date, an especially nice choice if you've got blunt bangs. If your hair isn't naturally straight, be sure to use a heat protectant when using your flat iron and spritz a bit of hairspray for a long lasting hold!

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  • If your date is taking you to the beach or out on a boat, the wind will not be your friend. A top knot is both beautiful and functional, keeping your hair from blowing around while looking gorgeous at the same time.

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10 Hairstyles Perfect for Summertime Date Nights


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