Nails10 Best Skull Manicures on Pinterest For Halloween
  • Small black skulls over pink glittery polish is edgy and girlie. Photo via Pinterest

  • Continuing the skeleton from hand to the other is such a creative way to do the skull nail art! Photo via Pinterest

  • Doing all black nails then one detailed skeleton adds just the right touch. Photo via Pinterest

  • Do a glamorous take on the nail art by using black and gold. Photo via Pinterest 

  • These nails are inspired by the Alexander McQueen skull scarves and we love the addition of red. Photo via Pinterest

  • Using rhinestones for the skull makes them extra cute. Photo via Pinterest

  • You only need black and white polish to make these skull and crossbones nails! Photo via Pinterest

  • Make your skulls girlie by painting them with pink polish. Photo via Pinterest

  • These would be easy to mimic even without any nail art tools. Just use the nail polish brush to lightly sweep lines at the end of your nails. Photo via Pinterest

  • Adding a little rhinestone to each nail adds some bling to your skull and turns it into a pirate. Photo via Pinterest


10 Best Skull Manicures on Pinterest For Halloween


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