Hair12 Fun Hair Accessories to Liven Up Any Hairstyle
  • Pair tousled waves with this floral headband. (Deepa Gurnani Starfish Flower Crystal Headband, $176,

  • Look cute and keep your ears warm with this wool headband. (Rag & Bone Bronze Knit Metallic Lisbeth Headband, $150,

  • Find your inner flower child with this headband. (Jane Tran Chiffon Flower Garland Headband, $79.99,

  • If you want something simpler, opt for an elastic band with an embellishment to upgrade a low ponytail. (Deepa Gurnani Antique Gold Flower Hair Tie, $19.60,

  • If you want something more delicate, try this chain headpiece. (Belle Noel Vintage Glamour Hair Piece, $55,

  • Clip part of your hair back with this gorgeous hair clip. (Jane Tran Beaded Hair Clip, $70,

  • Add some sparkle with this headband. (Tasha Fierce Flower Headband, $36,

  • Choose just one or clip all three of these flowers on one side of your head. (Rosette Hair Clips, $2.80,

  • This sequin band will keep your hair in place on windy days. (Metal Sequin Band, $68,

  • This large headband will add some glamour to any outfit. (Johnny Loves Rosie Sequin Flower Headband, $43.98,

  • This headband is perfect for the holidays. (Beaded Headband, $40,

  • A feather-embellished headband will amp up any party dress. (Glamour to Adore Headband, $29.99,


12 Fun Hair Accessories to Liven Up Any Hairstyle


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