Hair15 of the Best Beauty Moments From ‘Sex and the City’
  • 15 of the best beauty moments from Sex and the City!

  • Carrie as we all know and love her in the show's intro, her hair is curly and bouncy (probably in part due to the humidity in the city) with the top pinned back. 

    Photo: Feminspire/Feminspire
  • Carrie's was the original oversized bun, a classic hairstyle Pinned these days because of stars like Lauren Conrad. 

    Photo: ChicFille/ChicFille
  • Miranda getting braces was a cringe-worthy experience, mainly because most of us know how torturous and un-glamorous the whole process is, let alone the fact that she went on a date and had food stuck in there. 

    Photo: Baum Orthodontics/Baum Orthodontics
  • It's safe to say that when Samantha got a chemical peel, it scared all of us out of getting one. She even had to wear a veil to Carrie's book signing party to not look like a leper. Lesson learned, ladies: never get a chemical peel less than one week prior to a big event. 

    Photo: Solaris Medical Spa/Solaris Medical Spa
  • Just before moving to Paris with Aleksandr Petrovsky (so affectionately referred to as the "Ruskie" by Mr. Big), Carrie's hair was mostly brunette with some strategically placed blonde highlights to make her pop, and her locks were shiny as ever. 

    Photo: IMDB/IMDB
  • Don't even pretend you didn't tear up when Samantha and Smith buzzed their hair together, then she went to his movie premiere as Lil Kim. The woman is a beacon of inspiration and confidence. 

    Photo: InStyle/InStyle
  • Carrie Bradshaw is the only woman on the planet who could pull off wearing a bird as a hair accessory on her wedding day. 

    Photo: Bridezilla/Bridezilla
  • After being jilted before the wedding, Carrie put her head into the Witness Protection Program and went brunette. 

    Photo: Ok! Magazine/Ok! Magazine
  • Listen, we love Charlotte. It's hard not to adore her ever-perfect hair and barely there makeup. But, the girl took virtually no risks when it came to beauty, so we're choosing this appropriate picture of Ms. York as her best beauty moment. 

    Photo: On Sugar/On Sugar
  • Once Mr. Big showed signs of sickness, Carrie ran to his side to play nurse in what all of us probably wish we could pull off, the candy striper outfit (complete with her fairly short lived straight hair).

    Photo: HBO/HBO
  • When Samantha threw on a wig to spy on Richard and see if he was cheating, we all secretly wanted to chop our hair into a pixie cut. 

    Photo: Gala Darling/Gala Darling
  • Get out the waterproof mascara, because Miranda and Steve's wedding couldn't have been more of a tear-jerker. Plus, this is the best her hair's ever looked. 

    Photo: InStyle/InStyle
  • Carrie's short hair is arguably the best and worst haircut she's ever had, depending on which fan you're talking to. Were you a fan of her short hair?

    Photo: East Coast Calling/East Coast Calling
  • While sitting outside her California beach house, Samantha donned the largest beach hat known to man (while eating what looked like the most delicious guacamole known to man). 

    Photo: Hub Pages/Hub Pages
  • The one time Carrie was booked as a "real person" model, she fell on the runway, but the girl's volumized hair and smokey eye were on point.

    Photo: Suite Culture/Suite Culture


15 of the Best Beauty Moments From ‘Sex and the City’


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