50 Gorgeous Hair Ideas From Pinterest

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Add volume and one or two headbands to any updo.

  Image via Pinterest. From blogs.babble.com.


This half-up, half-down hairstyle is quick to do: just interweave your hair in three parts as if you were beginning a braid, then pin. Add waves with a curling iron for extra glamour. 

Image via Pinterest. From iknowhair.com.


Update your sock bun with a french braid. 

Image via Pinterest. From sweeterinthesun.tumblr.com.


Divide your hair into two sections and braid each section. Then wrap them around each other for this cute braided bun. 

Image via Pinterest. From chloeroseboutique.tumblr.com.


A large, voluminous bun is always a go-to for a holiday party. 

Image via Pinterest. From foxontheruntumblr.com.


Short on time? Throw on a headband and loop your hair into the headband, securing the ends with pins if needed.

  Image via Pinterest. From elisamclaughlin.com.


Incorporate different sized braids into any updo or leave your hair down and just pin the braids in the back. 

Image via Pinterest. From barefootblonde.com.


A sleek blowout and soft waves is so glamorous, especially with red lips. 

Image via Pinterest. From 25.media.tumblr.com.


Add a brooch or sparkly hair clip onto a low side bun. Keep it messy so it doesn't look you're heading to a wedding. 

Image via Pinterest. From thebeautyplace.com.


Voluminous waves will have everyone looking at you.

Photo via Pinterest. From hairbrained.me.


Here's another version of textured hair in a low ponytail but this one is tied and bit more messy (which we like!)

Image via Pinterest. From allthingsmajor.wordpress.com.


A ponytail can be chic if the hair tie is hidden by hair wrapped around it and the ends are flipped.

Image via Pinterest. From beautylish.com.


Create a deep side part and a low bun on one side.

Image via Pinterest. From beautyhigh.com.


This obviously requires super long and thick hair and extensions, but we love this gorgeous braid.

Image via Pinterest. From thecinderellaproject.blogspot.com.


Not only do we love this hair color, but the layers and waves are perfect.

Image via Pinterest. From marieclaire.com.


If you have long hair, curl your hair and tease, then pin your hair underneath with plenty of bobby pins to get a faux bob.

Image via Pinterest. From trendhunter.com.


Add a sparkly headband when you have no time to create a fancy updo.

Image via Pinterest. From teenvogue.com.


Beachy waves are still in, but use a shine spray to get rid of frizz and fly away hair.

Image via Pinterest. From photoshootbloger.blogspot.com.


Use a texturizing spray and tease your hair to create this messy bun.

Image via Pinterest. From beautybanter.com.


For this updo, twist and pin random sections of hair. 

Image via Pinterest. From stylecaster.com.


This deep red color is absolutely gorgeous. We also love how some of the hair is loosely pinned back.

Image via Pinterest. From flickr.com.


Twist or braid loosely curled hair and pin with bobby pins underneath so they're not noticeable. Leave the curled ends hanging over one shoulder.

Image via Pinterest. From projectwedding.com.


You can't go wrong with a sleek, large ponytail.

Image via Pinterest. From hairstylesfor2012.net.


Tease hair slightly to get volume on top and pull your hair back into a bun. Don't worry if there are strands hanging out.

Image via Pinterest. From imgfave.com.


We love the ombre and loose curls.

Image via Pinterest. From smallreports.com.


There's hardly anything more glamorous than thick, bouncy curls this like.

Image via Pinterest. From missliliphoto.wordpress.com.


Braid your hair around in the back instead of over the top for a hairstyle that's more appropriate for night time.

Image via Pinterest. From diana212m.blogspot.com.


Blow dry hair upside down and use hairspray and a teasing comb to get this volume.

Image via Pinterest. From lost-in-haute-couture.tumblr.com.


Use plenty of hairspray and a teasing comb to get this intense volume on top and tease part of your ponytail so it stands up a bit on top.

Image via Pinterest. From mylusciouslife.com.


Pair side bangs with a messy side bun.

Image via Pinterest. From becomegorgeous.com.


Wrap a thick section of hair around a long textured ponytail. 

Image via Pinterest. From idthrowglitterintheair.tumblr.com.


Create a large braided headband and pin it behind your ears.

Image via Pinterest. From larajade.co.uk.


Create this French twist by adding hair section by section and twisting. Then pin and tie into a low ponytail. 

Image via Pinterest. From realbeautyreporter.tumblr.com.


For shorter hair that doesn't work well for a large updo, you can create this look by interweaving and pinning random sections of hair.

Image via Pinterest. From bridgeandburn.tumblr.com.


This kind of hairstyle is perfect if you have a low back dress you want to show off. 

Image via Pinterest. From 24.media.tumblr.com.


The color, the cut, the layers, the side part. Everything is perfect about this hair. 

Image via Pinterest. From zac-fashion.com.


For a completely different kind of ponytail, tie your hair into a knot.

Image via Pinterest. From knighttcat.com.


Use a large, contrasting clip to pin front layers back.

Image via Pinterest. From theswinginsixties.tumblr.com.


Use plenty of texture spray and tease to get this gorgeous twisted updo.

Image via Pinterest. From saifou.com.


Add a small headband to a ponytail to make it holiday ready.

Image via Pinterest. From todieforblog.blogspot.ca.


Use a hair cuff instead of a hair tie to update your ponytail.

Image via Pinterest. From bleudame.com.


For a very romantic look, loosely twist your front layers back and pin at the base of your neck, while leaving the rest of your hair natural.

Image via Pinterest. From classicmodels.tumblr.com.


This loose updo is great for a fancy holiday party.

Image via Pinterest. From alexlilly.com.


A classic French twist is very sophisticated.

Image via Pinterest. From hairstylesezine.com.


This is probably the coolest knotted bun ever, and would be glamorous with a low-back dress. 

Image via Pinterest. From 25.media.tumblr.com.


Tuck hair up and in and pin in place while leaving some face-framing layers out.

Image via Pinterest. From saralynnpaige.com.


Brush hair after curling to get these retro curls and finish with a shine spray.

Image via Pinterest. From pinupdollcait.tumblr.com.


Curl hair with a deep side part and have one side over your shoulder with the rest falling down your back.

Image via Pinterest. From your-hairstyles.com.


For a fun and casual holiday part, do a low ponytail and pull the tail through your hair tie to get this twist.

Image via Pinterest. From witanddelight.tumblr.com.


If you're feeling a little daring, try the ombré trend but with red instead of blonde.

Image via Pinterest. From fashonhair.net.


If your schedule is always chock-full of parties, you’re probably putting together outfits and buying new dresses to impress both old friends and new people. To pull your whole look together, you need the latest makeup and hair trends. A ball gown may be impressive, but since people will be looking at your face, you need to frame it with the perfect hairstyle to flatter your hair color.

Whether you have five hours or five minutes to get ready, we have gorgeous hair ideas for you. Take inspiration from this slideshow for your next party and go for a glamorous updo or voluminous waves. If you don’t have much time to get ready, fear not because you can still look great with a spritz of dry shampoo and a sparkly headband or brooch. It’ll quickly update any flat hairstyle you had going on previously so you’ll look put together. But if you do have time and want to experiment, try a bouffant or faux bob. Click through the slideshow then tell us in the comments below what hairstyle you’ll be trying this season!

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