Hair8 Celebrity Hair Makeovers That Made Our Jaws Drop
  • Girl on Fire Jennifer Lawrence typically changes her hair color depending on the next role she'll be playing, so we're excited that she's back to brunette because it only means that "Catching Fire" is coming soon. 

    Photo: Smart Galleries, Fabulous Magazine/Smart Galleries, Fabulous Magazine
  • "Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter followed in her co-star Sofia Vergara's footsteps and announced a hair color change via Twitter. The teen went for a vibrant red dye, a nod to her namesake, "The Little Mermaid."

    Photo: Smart Galleries, Twitter/Smart Galleries, Twitter
  • "Spring Breakers" star Ashley Benson crossed over to the dark side just in time for the SXSW music festival, and has since gone back to blonde. We hope she's taking the proper precautions to minimize any damage she may be causing her hair with such frequent coloring. 

    Photo: Smart Galleries/Smart Galleries
  • Britney Spears went brunette and appropriately started playing up the smokey eye makeup to complete her darker look. 

    Photo: Smart Galleries/Smart Galleries
  • Jamie Lynn Spears followed in her older sister's steps with a dramatic hair makeover, opting for the trendy bob haircut

    Photo: Instagram/Instagram
  • Jessie J may have shaved her head for charity, but she's really owning her look (as she should if she decided to commit to it). Would you be bold enough to make this move? 

    Photo: Smart Galleries, Twiter/Smart Galleries, Twitter
  • Katharine McPhee is no stranger to a hair salon, changing her hair more often than most of us change our mascara tube. The latest change was going for the wildly popular "lob" haircut, and since then she's gone for an ombrè color at her tips. 

    Photo: Smart Galleries/Smart Galleries
  • "Modern Family" bombshell Sofia Vergara decided to lighten her locks for the warmer weather, going for honey highlights and an overall blonde look. 

    Photo: Smart Galleries, Twitter/Smart Galleries, Twitter


8 Celebrity Hair Makeovers That Made Our Jaws Drop


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