Amy Smart Convinces Us To Take A 3-Minute Shower

Posted by April 21, 2011 5:37 pm

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The Body Shop teamed up with (newly engaged!) actress Amy Smart (and Gossip Girl Tika Sumpter, but more on that later) to discuss what we could really do to make a change this Earth Day. In coordination with their new eco-conscious shower gel product launch, the brand is campaigning to raise awareness about water conservation.

Shamelessactress Smart is taking the pledge (along with many of us beauty editors, and hopefully many of you) to take three-minute showers and thus save nearly 50 gallons of water with each shower in a year. The Body Shop’s recent study actually found that the average person uses 70 gallons of water in their 10-minute shower!

123516 1303411236 Amy Smart Convinces Us To Take A 3 Minute Shower

Smart began the discussion by sharing this daunting fact: more people die due to unsanitary water each year than war. We then of course all tried the six glorious shower gel scents, and got the real dirt out of the 35-year-old actress.

As for her eco-friendly favorite beauty brands, she of course loves The Body Shop’s new line, but also frequently shops for Jason products, as well as Jurlique and Epicuren and Yes To Carrot lip balms. She admitted that she’s generally a very low-key girl when it comes to beauty, and on a typical day would most often be seen sporting a ponytail or if “I wanted a little something, I’ll put volumizer and use a flat iron to put a little bend in it.”

Smart also added that we could all take more efforts to be eco-friendly in every day life from the cleaning products we use to the beauty products. “It’s kind of like this domino effect that trickles down and you say ‘I’m going to be conscious in some little way’ and then you realize another little way pops up. So it’s all of these little steps that really matter.”

And, in case you were wondering (because I was) the olive green dress she was wearing was also environmentally friendly, by an L.A. designer named alexx jae & milk. Who knew helping the environment could not only speed up your morning beauty routine, but also be so stylish!

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