Orly Releases Big Screen-Inspired Polishes; Rihanna Rocks 8-Inch Nails

Posted by March 23, 2012 3:45 pm

Here’s what’s going on in the beauty world to take you into your weekend:

Orly is releasing a new nail polish collections based on Dark ShadowsIs this the one time men might be excited for new nail colors? (Allure)

As if he knows anything about the industry, Ashton Kutcher is getting his slice of the beauty pie by investing in StyleSeat.com, a website for booking salon and spa appointments. (Daily Glow)

We wish we had seen this DIY tutorial before we braved the midnight crowds last night. Learn how to recreate your own Katniss braid, no Hunger Games required. (Refinery29)

Rihanna revamped her look again, with dark hair and eight-inch long gold nails. Would you rock nails that are longer than your hands?  (Elle UK)

See how Gwyneth Paltrow was originally going to wear her hair to this year’s Oscars before she opted for the low pony. [BellaSugar]

 Orly Releases Big Screen Inspired Polishes; Rihanna Rocks 8 Inch Nails


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