MakeupFrom Bad to Worse: The Scariest Celebrity Looks of 2012
  • So close, yet so far. Lindsay Lohan made an excellent change from a damaged, bleached out blonde color to a strawberry blonde, but went right back downhill at the premiere of Liz and Dick. Her darker, unauthentic looking red hair got paired with faded lipstick, too much cheek contouring, and an orange eyeshadow that was not working for LiLo. Should've stuck with the middle look, Lindsay. 

  • Lady Gaga changes up her look just about every time she leaves the house, but she took things too far with this shaved head look. Though we can get behind the reason behind the shave (it was in memory of Terry Richardson's late mother), we can't get behind the look itself. 

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  • Evangeline Lilly would look stunning in anything, but her short, streaky hairdo is less than becoming. The length is okay for her face and it actually works well, but the skunk-like highlights in her bangs are distracting and not blended well enough. 

  • Alicia Keys is certainly on fire right now, but the same cannot be said for her new hairstyle. By cutting above her chin, her hair hits her face at at an unflattering angle. In the pulled back, natural look on the left, Alicia looks much more refined. 

  • Leighton Meester certainly knows how to rock a headband or two as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, however her hair choices in real life are a bit concerning. The washed out blonde and minimal makeup look make Leighton look unfinished and drab, while the blunt bangs and red lipstick make her the one to watch on the carpet. Her recent bob haircut made things even worse, but we won't even go there. 

  • Blue hair is one thing; blue, purple, and grown-in black hair plus extensions in a high side ponytail is an entirely different ball of wax. Katy Perry went for this youthful look at the Teen Choice Awards, but wound up looking like a grown up version of My Little Pony. We're glad she has since toned things down.

  • Snooki's hair always seems to be a classic case of bad things going worse. Will she ever understand that she doesn't need an entire can of hairspray and an hour's worth of teasing to get voluminous hair? It seems not, but she does seem to know how to use Kool Aid to dye her strands. And that bow? We can't even handle it. 

  • Christina Aguilera has never been a conservative woman, which is why we love her so much. We just wish she would take more calculated actions with her hair so that she wouldn't end up looking worse than when she started. The bangs and long bob make her face look much more full than necessary. 

  • Mary-Kate Olsen took her blonde locks to an entirely new level when she stepped out with the most insane amount of beach waves texturizing spray we've ever seen. Regardless of whether or not this look was aimed to be high fashion, we count it as a big miss. 

  • January Jones experimented with her makeup look, going from a gorgeous bold lip to a dramatic smokey eye. The latter was far too harsh for her face and when coupled with the severe low bun, the end result was overly rigid. Stick with the loose curls and red lip, January. 


From Bad to Worse: The Scariest Celebrity Looks of 2012


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