HairThe Beauty Failures We Learned to Avoid From Our Favorite TV Shows
  • The cut heard around the world. Who could forget Felicity Porter's infamous post-Ben breakup chop on "Felicity"? What was way worse were the two seasons it took to grow out.

  • Not that we don't love pink hair, but we would have preferred it if Quinn's rebellious stage came with a hair brush and a can of dry shampoo. She definitely made the "Glee" crew a little bit edgier. 

  • Who would have ever thought that this frosted-tip teenager would be the man of Joey Potter's dreams? We're just glad this look left our beloved Pacey after season two of "Dawson's Creek."

  • We have to admit, we may have been a bit traumatized when Rory chopped off all her locks that first semester of college on "Gilmore Girls." But she kind of looks like Emily Mortimer in "The Newsroom," so we can let it go. 

  • After Ross' misstep with teeth whitening on "Friends," we made sure to read the instructions twice before bleaching our teeth.

  • Ever since we saw what happened to Samantha's face post chemical peel on "Sex and the City" we have to admit we've been a bit tentative when it comes to face treatments.

  • Topanga was known for her butt-length hair, and then suddenly one ABC TGIF it was gone! (Secretly, we kind of like this layered look, but it was traumatic none-the-less).


The Beauty Failures We Learned to Avoid From Our Favorite TV Shows


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