MakeupBeauty Throwback: Products From the ’90s We Want to See Again
  • Coty lipstick was the ideal red, plus the gold tube made everything feel way more luxurious. 

  • Anyone remember the Navy cologne from CoverGirl? One sniff and we're taken back to a simpler time. 

  • Okay, maybe we wouldn't actually wear body glitter again, but we long for the days of J. Lo wearing it on stage at a concert. 

  • You know you felt like the cool girl in class when you whipped out one of these babies. 

  • Chances are, you, your mother and your grandmother all used this rose hips shampoo from Herbal Essences. Luckily, Herbal is bringing two of theses babies back, just for you!

  • The Outrageous shampoo from Revlon made hair all kinds of wonderful. 

  • We have to admit that makeup has gotten much better since this, but when this Springwater line came out we were obsessed.

  • Really, why did this need to get discontinued? The Like-U-Latte lip balm from Bonne Bell was all we ever wanted in life back then. 


Beauty Throwback: Products From the ’90s We Want to See Again


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