Behind the Scenes: Zombie Boy’s “Go Beyond the Cover” Video

Posted by October 24, 2011 9:59 pm

It only took a few boxes and a lot of layers of Dermablend Professionals Leg & Body Cover to turnRico Genest (a.k.a Zombie Boy) into a normal and very attractive (if I may add) looking man.

It was the YouTube video that literally left my mouth agape and rushing to find everyone I know to show and now we get a behind-the-scenes look at the taping of Dermablend’s Go Beyond the Cover.

It seems as if the full-body coverage took a full team with various instruments, including brushes, sponges, and a blow dryer to ensure no pesky foundation marks.

Genest commented in the video: “It looks the same to me, I guess I am just used to being in my own skin.”

Take our word for it sexy zombie man, you do not look the same.

“If I have any pranks to pull, now is the time,” he said. And after checking himself in the mirror a little longer…”I think I am ready to go get a job.”

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  1. Lei says:

    Zombie Boy is a beautiful specimen of man regardless of whether his tats are covered or exposed for the world to see! Personally I think that his ink is a testament of his character but this transformation is SICK none-the-less!

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