HairFrom Destiny’s Child to Mrs. Carter: We Rank 30 of Beyonce’s Most Iconic Hairstyles
  • From Destiny's Child to Mrs. Carter, we rank 30 of Beyonce's most iconic looks.
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  • 30. When "Austin Powers in Goldmember" came out in 2002, Beyonce's role as Foxy Brown was a clear influence on her hair at the time. With curls, bounce and a whole lot of volume at the top of her head, this is our least favorite Bey look. 

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  • 29. Back when Destiny's Child was still trying to make its way into the music scene, Beyonce looked like any normal teen trying to find her own style. Maybe it's just us, but the knitted beanie and curly hair makes us feel like Beyonce might be human underneath it all. 

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  • 28. Cornrows were the name of the game for this 2001 MTV "TRL" tour, and while Beyonce is glowing (when is she not?), we prefer her hair with a bit more volume around her face. 

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  • 27. A notch down from her "Goldmember" look, Beyonce's half-highlighted hairstyle picks up her frosted lipstick. 

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  • 26. Excuse us while we clap for Beyonce's decision to wear her hair straight after the wig-like curls happening in the early 2000s. The only thing we don't love about this new, more sophisticated look is the harsh bangs cut a bit too short for her face. 

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  • 25. We weren't the only ones who thought the previous bangs were too harsh. These full-on, wispy bangs are a step in the right direction, but we're partial to actually being able to see Bey's eyes. 

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  • 24. Ah, the slightly awkward phase of growing out bangs. At least Beyonce's hair is improving here. 

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  • 23. Opting for a more classic blowout, Beyonce began testing out blonde hair on the red carpet. While we love her blonde, we think this color is a bit too light for her. 

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  • 22. Who can hate Queen Bey's blonde, beautiful, giant hair, with just a touch of roots showing? 

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  • 21. With hair all the way down her back styled into a high ponytail complete with bleach blonde highlights, Beyonce looks gorgeous, but also very much like she's trying too hard. 

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  • 20. Though it's long and pretty, this scrunched hair look on Beyonce reminds us of the good old days in middle school when we'd overuse gel in our hair. 

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  • 19. Remember bandanas? You had one to match every outfit, right? This look makes us nostalgic for the '90s. But, points were lost overall for extra thin eyebrows (the "hairstyle" less people pay attention to). 

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  • 18. When Tina Knowles was dressing Destiny's Child, an outfit with a matching hair accessory was a given. We love the royal blue hue, but the highlights are too chunky for our taste. 

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  • 17. Queen Bey's wavy texture reminds us of a mermaid, but the harsh highlights and giant pink butterfly are too much. 

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  • 16. Again with the matching hair accessories, but this time Beyonce is working a yellow flower instead of a headband. This hairstyle is feminine and beautiful, but the roots situation happening isn't ideal. 

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  • 15. Now this is how braids were meant to be worn in the early 2000s. 

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  • 14. This simple, clean look from Beyonce makes us want to be her best friend (as if we didn't already want to hang wit her), but it's a bit boring for the woman who's on top of the world. 

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  • 13. Paying homage to her French heritage, Beyonce's beret is classy and her hair is a nice mixture of caramel and honey highlights. 

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  • 12. The perfect example of how it only takes a few highlights around the face to brighten up your entire look, we love this voluminous blowout with a mix of blonde and brunette color. 

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  • 11. After about a decade, Beyonce finally figured out the formula for the perfect curly hairstyle. 

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  • 10. With understated waves and honey blonde color, Beyonce is glowing with this hairstyle. 

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  • 9. A middle part, sleek hair and a touch of curls is a hairstyle that works on practically every woman. Thanks for the inspiration, Bey. 

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  • 8. Who could forget Beyonce's hair at the Super Bowl Halftime Show? Let's be honest, her mane was the main reason we watched. 

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  • 7. A sleek ponytail with face-framing pieces, this understated style looks fun and fresh on Queen Bey. 

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  • 6. If we had one wish in life, it would be to wake up and naturally have this hair cut and color every day. There are just enough highlights, just enough lowlights and the length is perfect for Beyonce. 

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  • 5. Keeping it casual, this low ponytail with a middle part makes Beyonce look even more sophisticated than she already is. 

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  • 4. Back in the early 2000s we would've killed for this wavy, long, highlighted hair. Beyonce looks positively mermaid-like. 

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  • 3. A slicked back side ponytail makes for an elegant hairstyle, and we love the rich, chocolate color of Bey's hair. 

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  • 2. A braid that's been pinned and repinned thousands of times, Beyonce's side braid with a face-framing swoop makes us want to wear nothing but a braid for the rest of our lives. 

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  • 1. Finally, the crème de la crème, Beyonce's 2013 Met Gala hair. The perfect combination of honey blonde, sultry waves and layered length, Mrs. Carter has never looked better. 

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From Destiny’s Child to Mrs. Carter: We Rank 30 of Beyonce’s Most Iconic Hairstyles


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