NailsNext Big Nail Trend: The More Texture, The Better
  • High Gloss FInish: Whether it's a gel manicure or a high gloss polish, this texture always looks gorgeous and feminine. 

    (Jin Soon Polish, $18,

  • Foil: After painting your nails a base color, apply a clear top coat and use tweezers to place foil on nails, one at a time. Seal the foil with another layer of top coat. 

    (Color Club Foil Flakes,

  • Matte Finish: To kick up the texture of a matte manicure, layer matte top coat over a fine shimmer polish. 

    (Orly Matte Top Coat, $10,

  • Leather Effect: Choose the leather effect look to coordinate your nails with your favorite jacket. This kit also comes with skull appliques to kick things up a notch. 

    (Leather Effect Nail Polish, ~$29, Nails Inc.)

  • Liquid Sand: This textured polish can be worn with or without a top coat, depending on if you want a rough or smooth finish. 

    (OPI Liquid Sand Manicure, $7.34,

    Photo: Swatch and Learn/Swatch and Learn
  • Satin: Keri Blair from MAC Cosmetics suggests adding a drop of matte top coat to your favorite shade of polish to get a satin finish, or pick up a satin finish polish like this one from Zoya. 

    (Zoya Satin Finish Polish, $8,

  • Lace: Best laid over a nude or light polish, lace immediately dresses up nails. Trim the lace around your nails and set with a layer of top coat. 

    Photo: I Love Nail Polish/I Love Nail Polish
  • Tulle: Seen at Ruffian during NYFW, tulle overlay on the nails adds a touch of drama to the look. For the details on how to get the veiled manicure, watch our Ruffian how-to video

  • Sponging on Color: Using a makeup sponge, texturize your color by piling on a complimentary shade. Metallics work well with dark colors and a high contrast between colors always translates well. 

    Photo: Instagram/Instagram
  • Appliques: Whether you choose to use studs, gems, or another 3-D design, go for a flat base and a complimentary shade of polish. 

    (Flat Nail Studs, $4.98 for 30 pieces, MJ Trim)


Next Big Nail Trend: The More Texture, The Better


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