Botox Mom Lost Custody Of Her 8-Year-Old Daughter

Posted by May 16, 2011 3:05 pm

Last week, we told you about Kerry Campbell, a pageant mom who is looney enough to think it’s totally normal to inject her 8-year-old daughter, Britney, with Botox to prevent wrinkles. Campbell claims that in the dog-eat-dog kiddie pageant circuit, this cosmetic practice is commonplace, and plenty of mothers are trying the procedure to give their daughters a competitive edge. Oh, and she waxed Britney’s legs, too, which made her wail in pain.

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This morning, Good Morning America reported that Britney has been removed from her mother’s home, and that Kerry is under investigation by Child Protective Services. According to ABC News, the San Francisco Human Services Agency initiated an investigation on Friday after Campbell’s television interview, and Britney was subsequently removed from her home on the account that her mother’s actions were risky and potentially dangerous to her health.

Britney was taken away for her own protection, until it could be proven that Kerry was providing her with a safe and stable home. Any place where an unlicensed practitioner (Campbell is only a part-time aesthetician) is using Botox from a questionable source certainly doesn’t sound stable to me, but do you think that CPS has gone too far?

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  1. StyleCasterTV says:

    This is great news for Britney. Lock the Mom up!

  2. Cindi French says:

    Absolutely not. The message needs to be very clear to these narcissistic mothers. I cannot begin to imagine what these pageants do to these young girls esteem issues. That aside, botox w rinkles in that perfect skin. It is criminal and I am happy to see someone paying attention. Abuse comes in many forms, all of it with long term repercussions.

  3. rebecca says:

    Dangerous, painful, unecessary… Why would you do this to your child? This mother MUST have serious mental issues and CPS is doing the right thing by intervening.

  4. my opinion.. says:

    Um… no, the CPS has OT gne too far… The mother of this child is heone who has gone ove the edge!! God only knows what else she has done to this little girl, besides the leg waxing now? OMG!!! Where is the girls father during these procedures? He has to be aware of the pain and torture this looney mother is doing… lockk his ### up too! That is NOT love, it’s her weid obsesin to win the gold!!! To use and abuse an innocent little girl, and… deprivng her of a normal childhood!! Evry time I read about this stor, it makes me sick! hve an 11 year old daughter,who gets upset with me if she hs snarls in her hair while I brush them out… and for that, I feel terrible!

  5. lj says:

    I thought I heard that she did a bikini wax on her also, its so gross and mean. She cant just use a razor to shave? At least that is painless. This girl will have body dysmorphic disorder because of her mother.

  6. Brandi says:

    I am a mother of a Little girl , she is 4 & very much interested in being in Pageants [ I was when I was a teenager ] But if I decided to let my daughter try for pageants . There still would be NO WAY I’d let her do these procedures . I dont care if other moms & children try to bully her about her 8 year old wrinkles ! She isnt having it done . I am the mother . She does not get what she wants . I will not let her be bullied into thinking she needs these adult procedures . She is beautiful . & This mother should have not have fallen into the pressure as well . She should have set a better example for her child ! She didnt help matters either when she Agreed that her daughter hadf wrinkles . Get real woman ! She is 8 ! I think the mother has brainwasher her own child into thinking she needs botox . I think maybe her mother came up with the idea herself . Not her daughter . Her daughter needs to be in a SAFE home . Not this one . [[ Granted there are FAR Worse homes to grow up in . ]]

  7. Susie says:

    Pageants in ANY form should be considered abuse of a child… ya hear that Brandi? Women trying to live vicariously through their daughters and drag them around endlessly, parading them around made up like little tramps when they should be playing and doing homework. Pageants should be banned altogether.

  8. cait says:

    Sad news either way. Of course there is no evidence of horrible abuse, at least yet, we haven’t heard that she beat or starved her child and hopefully did love and care for her but botox is dangerous. Who knows her sources. She could get some facial paralysis or bad infections. Obviously doing this to a child who doesn’t understand these repercussions is unfair and abusive to the child. I’m ok with botox in kids when it helps them move etc but those shots are always provided by doctors or other certified providers.

  9. Sheila Thurber says:

    It is so disgusting for a mother to do such a thing to her child. I call it plain and simple child abuse. These women and men have got to stop parading their children around. Are they actually trying to get them abducted by some pediphile? Children need to be children, not something for the “world” to be gawking at and learning nothing more than “beauty” is what life is about. Come one parents, get your act together and be parents, not managers of what you percieve to be a “future” for your child and stop trying to live through your child’s successes.

  10. NaomiPrice says:

    I don’t know what the big deal is, really. I think that if the child wants to win the pageants, than so be it. It’s really not that far-fetched. Look at what the adults do to win adult pageants. Boob jobs, fake hair, fake nails…..and what about the “flippers” that all these young girls have? A two year old with fake teeth and we find THAT acceptable?

  11. notaname says:

    this is ridiculous! Let’s take children away from their mothers so that the world’s problems are solved. The only thing the mother is guilty of is going public with her ill-conceived notion that fame happens every time one says/does something stupid!!!

  12. Kee Lee says:

    Although, I do not agree with what the mother did, taking this child away from her mother will aslo harm her. She will get lost in an already overcrowded system of children. I think this mother should be required to do counseling and be banned from requiring her daughter to be in pageants. This is a horrible situation but their are other children that need help more than her, that are having far more horrible things done to them.

  13. Danielle says:

    CPS has not gone too far. Anesthesiologist or not, she should not be doing this to her daughter or anything else outside of clinical or hospital settings. I think she is abusing her child as it is, because the amount of mental abuse Britney gets is high, because I watch Toddlers and Tiaras… they make them look TERRIBLE and I think that is PURELY mental abuse and I always will. Pageants are terrible! I think putting makeup, botox, fake tans, anything of those sorts should be banned in ALL pageants.

  14. Desert Rose says:

    First the mother should be jailed for child endangerment. Second the pageants should be made illegal. What type of parent parades her child around as a stripper, model, etc. These are children and should be allowed to be such.
    And we wonder why we have so much sex traffic, child molestation, etc. What do people expect when we display our children as objects that must win beauty prizes. These should be outlawed!!

  15. dolores says:

    No i absolutely agree with children’s protective agency, this woman is a danger to her child or any other children she may have.The child for anyone that has eyes is not pagaent material especially a beauty pagent, the mom has not one iota of any mommy skills! She should be in jail for the illegal use of botox and of injecting this child, right on CPS!

  16. Travis says:

    If Child Protective Services is so eager to remove a child from the custody of an unfit mother, then they could have done so a few years ago when a little girl in Orlando, FL really needed their help. Say what you want about this so-called “Botox Mom” – at least she didn’t kill her child.

  17. ravensaerie says:

    I won’t say I’ve heard everything as I am certain there are still surprises for me, but for the life of me, I do not understand how anyone can worry about an 8 year old getting wrinkles! It is totally ridiculous! Simply teach the child how to care for her skin properly and it will be an extremely long time before she EVER has to worry about such things.

  18. jay says:

    not only should they lock the mom up they should ban all the so called pageants for any one under the age of 16 and then only with supervision ans strict guide lines regarding what is and is not allowed, and botox should be beaned entirely

  19. N506 says:

    Just ban all the stupid pageants. If you take away the reason, they won’t do these stupid things any longer.

  20. glenda says:

    Shameful and disgusting.

  21. Jax says:

    It should be against the law to have kiddie pagents– this is a set up for eating disorders, poor self esteem etc. My God the pain and #### these poor girls will have to face in their teens. These mothers are sending the wrong messege to their children.

  22. kate says:

    what this girl needs to do is get a treadmill. who cares about wrinkles, she’s a little porker

  23. Lane says:

    OMG. This is horrendous. I think all the kiddie pageant parents should be investigated. Unbelievable.

  24. Lane says:

    Exploitation is abuse.

  25. Tanya says:

    absolutly NOT! this is a major child crime, the person that is sopose to protect is poisening a child!! Not to mention the child pych damage from having to feel “perfect”, she should NOT go back to the mother this is horrible and about time CPS listen to all these dumb shows where people admits acts of crimes on national tv to kids, protect our kids!! i am a former foster child who was sexually abused by two foster brothers for years and no one knew until i was 15, I wrote a book for teens in foster care: surviving foster care and making it work for you! ( is an assault on kids these days, we must stop ALL abuse of kids!! CPS needs to step up its game!

  26. Momma Cris says:

    The world wonder’s why we are loseing our youth. Well, lets see, you have Momma’s out her injecting Botox into their 8 year old daughters. They are allowed to run around half naked. have cell phones at age 7 , and no one see’s why we have so many teen pregancey. Good greif Ladies wake up. Let your kids be kids, and let then be women when their older.

  27. Brittany says:

    Seriously!? What was this mother thinking when she decided, ‘oh, my daughter need botox before beauty pagents so that she looks beautiful.’ Duh, she’s eight. She isn’t going to have wrinkles at her age. and if she does, you won’t see them very well. I think it was right to have this child taken from her mother. I also have to agree with others that are saying that pagents are a form of mental abuse. I don’t think children should be competing in pagents. They should be living a normal life and they should be playing with friends and doing homework and developing a sense of who they really are. Ban pagents all together. Enough said.

  28. susan j. sager says:

    I think that everything is being done legally correct with this childs best interests at heart. I cannot believe that this woman thought that she was doing right. She is a little nutso as regards her daughter and the beauty pagent world.

  29. carol says:

    Moms who do this are “sick” and should not be allowed to enter children in pagents. Where is the father and why didn’t he stop this insanity?

  30. Toddler mom says:

    My 3 year old son gets botox injections (22 injections each time) in his legs 4 times a year to help with spasticity caused by a spinal cord disease, so that he can walk. The pain he endures each time is heart breaking and there are times when we have to hold him to do the injections. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone and I cannot comprehend a mother who would willing subject their child to this for cosmetic purposes. It’s hard enough to do it when there is a medical need (when we tried to switch to 3 times a year, his legs start buckling underneath him, so it’s 4 times a year).

  31. Rosen says:

    She should never be returned to the “mother”, unless she – the mother – undergoes psychotherapy and is eventually declared fit to raise a child !

  32. Barbra Kavanagh-Gough says:

    I’m so glad I live in Australia where pageants of this kind are looked down on and are definitely not encouraged at all! Mothers demonstrated, and the show was cancelled before the organisers of one of those gross USA imported TV shows could enflick those sick exhibitions on the Australian way of life. I can’t imagine why anyone would do that to their kids!

  33. no name says:

    Yes they are they think they are god and can do as they please .. cps has prob done much worse to more people than that lady ever did to her daughter.. that being said I don’t condone what this lady did .. anyways cps can burn in help for all I care ..

  34. no name says:

    I think natural ones are cool

  35. just an opinion says:

    This mother needs to rot in jail!!! This is clearly a case of abuse of a minor. Maybe this will send a message to the rest of the crazies in the pageant world!!!

  36. Jo says:

    This mother should lose custody of her child.

  37. Kathy says:

    It’s the mother who should be taken away!

  38. Jane says:

    She probably got molested by some pedophile in foster care, not saying it’s right but that’s what her mother gets for trying to make a woman out of a little girl. That’s setting your child up to be raped, most parents do everything they can to protect their kids especially their girls, and here this mother is making her daughter look grown and going as far as botox all for the sake of a beauty pageant??? pedophiles prey on beauty pageants with little girls.

  39. Jane says:

    all we can do is hope and pray she went to a safe home, no one ever thinks of where the kids go after they’ve been removed by cps. I commend them for this one! Finally they do what they’re supposed to do, stop child abuse instead of harrass normal mothers over stupid things like an obvious lipstick kiss on her baby’s forehead. Geez I hope this mother gets some psychological help, and this little will need years of therapy, can you imagine all the complexes she has about now at just 8 years old!

  40. Anne says:

    Although the mother was wrong in inflicting painful botox injections on her child, this strikes me as heavy handed action taken by CPS when they leave so MANY helpless children in homes where they suffer from hunger, neglect, violent child abuse, torture and rape, frequently taking no action until the child is dead, while CPS claims they are ‘investigating’. THAT I find inexcusable. This mother should be under supervision by CPS, should be remanded to child parenting classes and her child returned. Where is the child now? Is she in a worse environment in an abusive foster care situation, or is she in a loving relatives’ home? Is she better off or worse off? Urgent question!

    Concerning child beauty pagents, I agree; they ought to be banned. The psychological risks to the child can far outweigh the benefits; however, it is normally the child who wants to be in the pagent. Little girls LOVE primping, getting dressed up and making themselves pretty! On the darker side: I have a sister who entered her little girl in a beauty pagent. Oh my, how she sparkled, how pretty she was, she practicted her part beautifully, so happy, her costume was gorgeous and expensive; she just KNEW she would win. On competition day SHE FAILED, didn’t even take third place. She was so hurt, rejected and disappointed she cried for days. My sister decided she would NEVER enter her child in another pagent and risk her suffering such disappointment and anguish. She never did. The point is, there is the psychological pain of failure for those who don’t win.

  41. yvonne says:

    It is time for parents to know that they do not own their childen like a piece of propriety’

  42. StacyB says:

    It’s not as bad as being raised catholic and being told you will be tortured forever if you don’t do what you’re told. Talk about psychological harm…

  43. jane says:

    Hi this is in response to anne, I understand what you’re saying, but you have to understand the impact of emotional damage her mother was doing to her selfesteem, yeah it was not right for them to place her with total strangers where just on that alone, she could end up getting sexually and phsyically abused, by whoevers care she’s in, thanks to her mother. This kind of abuse doesn’t just stop at her daughter, obviously her mother and grandmother had some complexity issues about the way they look, honestly I feel they could have placed her with an extended relative or friend of the family as they evaluated the mother and then go for family therapy sessions to as of why she went this far. I find it to be very sad, mothers spend thousands of dollars on those competitions, and clearly there is something wrong if you have to pay someone that much to tell you and your child that she is beautiful, serious selfesteem issues.

  44. MARLA says:


  45. Eleanor says:

    Botox is mild compared to the torture of circumcision. When will that barbaric practice be banned?

  46. Dr. Ron says:

    I am a parent and a physician. I can tell you, what this mother did with the botox was dangerous. For goodness sake, people for the most part don’t know how dangerous the drug is and the degree of damage which it can cause. I am a 41 year old physician and before EVERY procedure which involves a needle or a knife, I second and third guess my self because what I do can not be undone. As for the child, one can only speculate the degree of physiological as well as psychological damage which may already have been done.

    I get no personal satisfaction this girl was taken from her home, but I am happy someone is looking into it. It will get worked out between the mom and the daughter, I am sure of that and I wish them both the best.

    I say yes, let the little girls have pageants, let them play dress up, but let them be what they are, little girls.

    I am sincerely wishing the best for both the girl and the mother,

    Dr. Ron

  47. Dr. Ron says:

    @ Elanor. You are correct in calling circumcision a barbaric practice, but it is a practice which is based in religion. Because of that fact, it is not likely going to ever legally be forced to go away. While rotating through different medical specialties I spent time in Pediatrics where most US circumcisions are performed. Yes, there are some being done at the hospital but the trend now is at the one week follow up visit with the Pediatrician. The circumcision is done under a much different setting than in the traditional Jewish or Arabic circumcision. I am not Jewish or Arabic therefore I am not qualified to comment very much but I know they don’t do it the same way. In the states, the baby is most certainly numbed up with long acting anesthetic not even in the penis but in the lower abdomen next to each side of the penis where it attaches to the body. This induces a complete nerve block of the penis. The child feels no pain other than the stick of the 30 gauge needle. I can guarantee this pain is much less than the 20 gauge they routinely stick in the bottom of the heel to draw blood for analysis. Yes Elanor, every baby in every American hospital gets heel stuck many times before going home. Now, is circumcision necessary? Biologically, most of the time not, but there are conditions where the ######## adheres to the Glans Penis, which is commonly referred to as the head of the penis. If this condition was absent in my patient, I always told the parents the decision of circumcision was entirely theirs to make. I believe that we could wait until the child gets old enough to decide for himself. It can be done just as painlessly at 1 week or 50 years old. If I am going to be completely honest here, I have found myself many times wondering, “why hurry”?
    Dr. Ron

  48. j says:

    this is not great news. cps…. where do i even begin, people act like cps is a god send when actually twice as much abuse goes on in the foster care system. i think cps has way too much unchecked authority. instead of a much needed intervention on the mothers part, they straight removed this child from her home and put her god knows where. i believe this move was much more traumatic for the child. sex abuse runs RAMPANT in the system check it out.

  49. Miranda says:

    CPS should step in and stop all these looney mother shoving their kids out on stages in make up, wigs, dyed hair, plucked eyebrows, and skimpy dresses to show off their little girl legs. It’s all sick.

  50. skeets says:

    Maybe the mom can get some psych help before she ruins this child. Maybe CFS should be at these pagents as part of a mandatory part of the pagents. A collection of women who parade their kids around making them look like little grown ups. Sad. If you ever seen that show Dance Moms, CFS needs to be there too, those women are wacko.

  51. Learn Your Lessons says:

    These Moms, and other adult women’ who are ‘extreme’ consumers of plastic surgery have such low self-esteem. I strongly believe that they feel very, very deeply that no man can truly love them UNLESS they have no physicl flaws. Our society should show them that they, and their daughters, are beautiful just the way they are, and that instead of looking for flaws in the mirror, the flaws are within them. They should look around them and absorb those couples who are together, no matter what they look like. And, they need to spend their time seeking who they truly are; they are far more than their wrinkles. Aside from changing physically,what are their goals in life? their passions? They should start doing those things instead.

  52. Shirley Swift says:

    Kerry Campbell is mentally sick. Reality shows are destroying more lives as evidenced by the suicide of Russell from the Beverly Hills Housewives; now this Toddlers and Tiara’s. It is tragic now because of this mother’s desire for fame she may lose custody of her previous daughter.

  53. gwen holt says:

    Many children are in far more danger from physical and mental abuse than this child seems to be. Their problems have not been advertised, although it is suspected. Some die and then we hear about their horrible lives and dreadful parents. More attention is needed for those children. As for these beauty contest, someone needs to wake up and see how to control the sick (my opinion) obscene display of baby bodies and often their rude behavior. Up the age and add rules like no botox, etc.

  54. Barb says:

    BOTOX, WAXING, How sick, just another mother trying to live her dream through her child.

  55. Barb says:

    BOTOX, WAXING, How sick, just another mother trying to live her dream through her child.

  56. suzangrace says:

    this woman is a danger to her child,. what is next? facelife, nose job, breast implants? all for a child’s pageant. all pageants, and the disgusting ‘toddlers and tiaras’ should be banned. they do not give a a child self respect, this child will grow up thinking ‘am i good enough’? am i pretty enough? this cild was rightfully removed from this mothers home? did the father know about this? is she seperated or divorced? who gets custody? certainly not her. thank you cps for recognizing this as abuse.

  57. sweetiepie says:

    I suspect the damage has already been done to that little girl, who is no more than average looking. What’s going on in this country? Did the women’s movement never happen? Why is physical beauty, narcissism and pleasing men back on the front burner? It’s so superficial and sad.

  58. Lisa says:

    Injecting a baby with something that you don’t even know where it originated from let alone what kind of reaction it is going to have on a child should be considered assault, aggravated battery and attempted murder.

  59. Amy says:

    I do think that this mother was guilty of terrible abuse of this child and as long as the child is in a good place this is best for her. However it is wrong to berate all parents that put their child into a pageant. I intend to put my daughter into some soon, she is four and very pretty. However I will not put her into any other than the natural pageants which use no makeup. I simply put her in very pretty dresses and cute outfits and she shows them off. There are many such pageants and there is nothing wrong with them, or the others either really. I am not trying to live through my child, i am encouraging her to believe in herself. These pageants show the kids that they are pretty and talented. This is so needed for kids today when self esteem tends to be so low. Quit trying to judge everyone in a very large group by the mistakes of a very few.

  60. SallysF says:

    What 8 year old has wrinkles and excess body hair in the first place?

  61. Locker says:

    Remove the child. This mother is using her daughter to get attention for herself… just like all of these child pageant mothers. You are all an embarrassment and a disgrace. This woman is not fit to care for children.

  62. joanne says:

    any mother that would inject botox into a 8 year old is unstable to say the least.. my thoughts are what took child services so long!!!

  63. lori says:

    Hey I see this little girl sorry mom but she’s not all that cute & plastering her with fake stuff won’t help. I saw toddlers & Tiaras once and they should ban that damn show its the worse form of child abuse I’ve ever seen I have 2 daughters and they grew up having fun not getting stressed out since they were 3. Moms get a life and your life not live thru your child I know this means nothing cause it will never stop because America has too many nut cases as parents..

  64. nathalie says:

    no not far enough…kiddie beauty pagents are horrible they should be ban…children should remain like children and not like young trampy adults…dont people understand that pedophiles love these pagents and the picture they produce gives them trillls…save your children people and let them be kids

  65. ML says:

    What a piece of ####! Anything to make some money of the kid. When are these parents going to be stopped from doing this?

  66. Rhonda says:

    Although, I feel this mother has gone beyond all sensibility. Do I believe CPS needs to take the child away? No, I dont. There are to many kids in the system now for far more horrendous crimes being done to them. Does this mother need counseling? Yes. Should she be made to take the child out of the pageants for good? Yes. Are there other family members that could care for the child while the mother gets the help she needs? This needs to be an avenue CPS looks into. I believe ALL pageants need to be off the air whether your an adult or child. They do nothing but stereotype girls, women as sex symbols.

  67. Lori says:

    GOOD- She should be taken away until her mother can be trained on what is appropriate behavior from a mother and learn her responsibilities to her child-i.e. to keep her safe and NOT cause her harm while in the care & trust of her own mother/gardian/care-giver. This child needs protected immediately. This mom inparticular should KNOW potential harmful consequences of her actions, being in the medical field herself. The risks she is taking with the various procedures are needless and unsafe even for many adults. Furthermore, physicians should be more accountable for doing such potentially hazardous procedures on children under the age of 18! These children trust their moms, and are not save in the hands of vicious moms who want their child to WIN at all costs. Get these children away and out of the spotlight of these insecure moms who will subject innocent children to harm in order to win a vein pageant! Put this child in a secure and loving home where she will feel beautiful and loved as God made her, not that she needs to change the face and looks God gave her and win beauty pageants in order to please a selfish mom. Some moms will stop at nothing, short of winning, and these children are NOT safe in their care! Please set an example for these dangerous moms, who are also terrible examples to other young moms, and free up these naturally-beautiful & pure children to be CHILDREN again not on display and under the pressure to “perform for mommy and and audience” and try to win pageants all the time, and go through torturous beauty treatments between competitions to get there! Better & better is never good enough for these desperate moms and someone is going to get hurt in this game! And, it will not be the responsible parent, but the innocent child. Punish the parent NOW, before putting the child in continuous danger, and prevent this very-unnecessary tragedy & stop others who will exploit their own child in such a fashion. Stop this dangerous fad! ,These types of moms pay out huge amounts of money to promote their child, dress them up in mature, even seductive clothes at uauslly a very young age (the younger the cuter it seems- see today’s pic of a small child dressed up as a hooker for competition and the judges LOVED IT!!! Are we all nuts?!?) and pile the makeup on the child & outrageous hair styles only known to hollywood glammar- It is all so abnormal and very bad training for the child. Yes, the parent most definitely needs to be help accountable for such irresponsible behavior and actually lose their child until they can prove a safe environment for the child for sure!

  68. angel says:

    the pageants have been around for a long time-they used to be to show talent, integrity, personality, now as with most of world, it seems that now its all about looks – as soon as the girl gets on stage and they are not absolutely perfect-(and this is sad cuz they put sooo much make up and all that) on that the talent part and everything else doesnt matter anymore cuz the girl is not “perfect”. they shouldnt use make up at all since they are soo young-or limit it-let their personalities shine not their makeup! Of course, a good thing got used and abused and changed and human beings always do this – take a good thing and turn it into a sad, bad thing-also the moms, i believe, are trying to live the lives they wanted when they were children-thru their daughters-some rules should be changed-so we can get the pageants back to being about character and not just looks!

  69. Mary Beth says:

    I don’t think that the child should be taken from her parents. If the mother wants her daughter to win she should feed her health food and watch her diet. The kid is way to heavy. As far as the botox, shame on the mother. I would never do this to my daughter. Kids are beautiful the way God made them.

  70. Jennifer says:

    I do think the CPS is taking things a little far. I get that pageants are “dog eat dog world” or whatever, but there are soccer moms and football dads who are just as bad. There are coaches will refuse a water break at some practices for a certain period of time. Winning drives a lot of people to do crazy and dumb things. Granted, doing the procedure was stupid and I think the mother should receive counseling for it, but taking her child away is just as cruel as CPS is making the case out to be…and personally, I think pageants are useless, especially if a contestant can’t walk yet. Pageant people are just as much to blame as moms are – they need to draw the line somewhere. Like not allowing tanning or those stupid flippers or — for love of god — revealing costumes. Just get the mother some therapy. If stupidity was a crime, we would all be in trouble. I’m not condoning what the mother did, but I don’t think taking the child out of the house is good for anybody.

  71. B-Man says:

    well its not my intent to rant and normally i do not find myself concerning myself with mothers who compel their daughters in such a ritualistic setting to be paraded around and “graded” on their beauty.

    As a Colorado resident i am aware first hand the murder of Jon Bonet Ramsey. I’ve ofter theorized her death was a result of her unwillingness to continue particpating on what her mother wanted. Granted this scenario has played itself out and many agencies have denied this to be the underlying issue but look at Britney’s mother and what she believes as opposed to what her daughter believes.

    I’m glad to see that Child Protective Services are involved. And for those mother who continue to “sex” your child, think about it, what does a beauty pagent have to do with growing up unless you are wanting your child to be self centered, narccisistic and oblivous to being “real”…just a thought and JMO.

  72. rues says:

    This woman has projected her own low self-esteem on to her daughter. It is sad. The Mother should be required to take therapy. She needs to understand herself before she can care for her child. I cannot grasp putting Botox into a child. Hopefully the Mother has not already implanted her unfortunate self into her daughter…Peace

  73. Bill wright says:

    The CEO of the company that sponsors this show and the TV station should be jailed for they are the true child abusers.
    If you drive the get away car in a robbery and someone is killed then you are equably responsible for the death. Give out the names and products and we can boycott .those responsible..

  74. whatabitch says:

    Her mother is sort of telling her that she is too wrinkly.

  75. amparo picart says:


  76. Sjenna says:

    @ Kate. A porker?? She has the sweet round baby face of a child. I hope you don’t have any daughters. You sound just as bad as this mother.

  77. mylia says:

    her mother is nuts, she should NOT get custody back

  78. Kitty says:

    So…here’s a question… a mother alters her child’s body because mommy wants her kid to look a certain way, and CPS steps in. Most people tend to agree thats the right thing to do…

    Where is CPS when a mother says ok to her son being circumcised? ( Permanent bodily alteration, that causes significant pain and is deemed to be unnecessary by all medical associations) I think those sick people should have their kids taken away along with the doctors that still perform this horrible operation on babies for aesthetic reasons.

  79. allazay says:


  80. Dorothy Sinkler says:

    Good for the authorities for removing this child from her stupid mother. These pageants are nothing but kiddie porn and they should be outlawed.

  81. tealo says:

    Naomi Price is a total troll

  82. queenbee10 says:

    Mom is a kook and pageants are meat markets for pedophiles–BUT If pageants are meat markets, for pedophiles, then CPS is like the auctioneers of those markets–the quickest way for a pedophile to get power over and access to kids is to be a “certified” foster parent. I know a lot of people who went through foster care–but I only know a few who did not suffer sexual abuse from foster parents or siblings while living in foster homes. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire…

  83. Phil says:

    Beauty pageants for toddlers need to be outlawed and made illegal. It is child exploitation and is up there with sexual molestation… Imagine the psychological damage it inflicts upon children for the rest of their lives. It is not harmless fun if mothers take it a step too far and take it seriously…….. it is sinister and dangerous….

  84. Justeen says:

    Yes, she allowed her daughter a ‘virgin wax’ as well. On the interview the child didn’t even know why she was getting the botox injections. Her psychotic mother had to remind her. Wow sad, where these girls are getting botoxed and waxed with the lure of candy and stuff. Other girls are playing with teddy bears and dolls, colouring, painting. This is along the same lines as those ‘mental’ parents who allow their eight year old boys to cage fight as the audience goes nuts cheering and booing. Reminds me of the Roman days lol!

  85. jeff says:

    The mother is a fat hideouse freak and is living her dream life through her child.
    This women is truely sick and needs seriouse counceling. I can pretty much guarentee that
    that she is a single mother because no decent man would allow his child to be used and abused
    by a mentally afflicted mother like this. SAD FEEL SORRY FOR THIS KID.

  86. lorraine says:

    What a psycho ##### I hope her daughter has not suffered any long term pschological damage from living with this woman. Let children have a childhood doing what kids like to do dragging kids round pageants and giving them botox is just not right or normal.

  87. Angel says:

    Seems to me she should be charged with practicing medicine without a license and assault of a minor,endangering the welfare of a minor and possesion of hyperdermics among other charges she can face.the top three are serious felonies,she should face at the very least.

  88. katie says:

    CPS has NOT gone too far. I cannot believe any mother in this world would do this to their beautiful 8 year old daughter. WRINKLES?!?! She’s 8 years old! She won’t have wrinkles for an extremely long time. There is no telling what that Botox has done or could have done to this child’s developing body. Not to mention the emotional trauma. Now this child has been removed from her home, which I am sure was an upsetting event. I am not blaming CPS for that. It is her mother’s fault. This mother needs a very rude awakening.

  89. cathyjb says:


  90. hasib says:

    Meh, keep em under a microscope, but it’s a little too much to take the kid away. As evil as they try to make the mom look at the end of the day it’s only hurting the kid more to take her away from her parent and put her into a strangers home.

  91. Henry says:


  92. chukkalady says:

    Pageants are child abusive!!! Why do people take part in them? Only child molesters and weirdos like this stuff!

  93. Cheryl says:

    Good going CPS. This MOM should me ashamed of herself for putting ths CHILD thru the pain. Mom is quite the narcissist.

  94. Cat34653 says:

    Very pathetic and ignorant woman to do this to a child who cannot say No!!!

  95. bobbi says:

    This is so not right, OMG. She is nuts.

  96. shawn says:

    I am wondering what took so long for the authorities to do something…..Gloria Allerude wanted to have Michael Jackso child removed for the balcony fiasco…….BUT A BET HER GRAND DAUGHTER IS IN A CHAIR GETTING BOTOX AS I TYPE :)

  97. Susanne says:

    Naomi AND Kate are both idiots. If you haven’t read kate’s comment, she said the little girl needed a treadmill because she was a porker. Kate…go you-know-what your self. You’re a horrible excuse for a human being. And, no excuse, Naomi…pageants are stupid for children. Key word here is children. Adults have the choice to do whatever stupid thing they want to. But, kids don’t have that choice because of the stupid choices their parents make for them.

  98. Laura says:

    Lock her up! Does she really think an 8 year old is going to have wrinkles. They need to find the other moms that think this is “commonplace” and protect those children also. Crazy people.

  99. Melissa5150 says:

    I dont understand why these parents dress their children up like adults. I think a child should look like a child and not a miniture adult. The makeup, the hair, the clothes… they dont look like kids.

  100. teachermom says:

    CPS is out of line. Do you people know what kind of foster parents are out there? Most are just looking for extra money and a reason not to work. The foster home may be more unsafe than where she was. The mom needed a good scare and some help. The girl did nothing wrong and doesn’t deserve to be ripped from her home and placed in one where she is just a means for a paycheck.

  101. Nargus Mandrake says:

    They take the kid away from the mom who injects botox, but do nothing for the kid who’s getting hormones so he can decide if he wants a sex change?

  102. JG says:

    The pageants are SICK SICK SICK! It’s some kind of pedophile buffet. Disgusting. Any woman out there that even thinks about putting their daughter through this garbage should be forced into mental counselling at the very least.

  103. confused one says:

    Holy ####! How many wrinkles could a young 8 yr old have?

  104. Vanuslux says:

    “Buuuuuut other people are doooooing it!” is the excuse of a child, not someone fit to be a parent.

  105. JohnC says:

    A “Beauty pageant” for children is child abuse. A peculiarly American, prurient form of sexual deviancy. Such things do not occur in normal societies.

  106. Randy says:

    Easy solution to this problem. Minimum age to enter a paegeant is 18. What kind of sicko wants to watch 8 year olds that look like little dolls. I find the whole thing disgusting

  107. nattiemarie says:

    Has everyone gone crazy? Child Protective Services is not supposed to take children away from parents who aren’t raising them in a way we all agree with. CPS was SUPPOSED to take children out of severe, ridiculous, chained-to-a-toilet-for-years situations. People fought their empowerment because they asid that, over time, the agency would devolve into the state taking people’s children if they didn’t like the way they were being raised. And everyone was like “That’s ridiculous! That could never happen in the USA!”And here we are, and all y’all are in agreement.

    I don’t happen to agree with this woman or any of this ridiculous pagaent stuff. But I do know that this is her child, to raise as she sees fit. She feeds the child, clothes the child, bore the child, and on and on. She’s HER child. Not ours and not the state’s. And until we remember that, we’re going to continue to see the complete breakdown of the family in this country.

  108. EYJG says:

    And the child’s father, other parent, grandparent(s) is/are . . . where?

  109. GERRIE says:

    All of the pagents mothers need to be investagated. Have u watch them on TV it is disgusting.
    Those mothers are trying to live their lives through their daughters. It is really sad. And u have those
    perverts who watches those shows get their thrills from that. You have so many things happening to these babies, because the mothers have these babies looking like sexual adult females, and those sick demental men sees that and they prey on that….Sothing has to be done. They need to take that show off the air

  110. Martha says:

    This woman is whacko. The show with all the young girls dressed up like woman to win a gold cup or whatever they win is terrible. I saw an ad for the show with a girl sucking on a pacifier what’s that about? The mothers can think that they are doing something for their little girls but I don’t see it. Will all this lead the girls to be fake adult? I don’t think anyone knows the long term affect botox will have on
    anyone. Does whitening the teeth hurt your teeth later on?

  111. Appropriate says:

    WOW! Sterilazation needs to be brought back – strong!

  112. Jade says:

    Well it really is a tale of Beauty and the Beast. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I thought it was a travesty because both mother and daughter were unattractive. CPS did the right thing. The Mother is an absolute lunatic.

  113. Jellybean says:

    This beautiful little girl looks sad, and is not smiling. She is obviously unhappy. What parent in their right mind would treat their child like a trophy to be flaunted? Ban beauty treatments until after age 18 and let the child decide for oneself. To alter a child’s natural beauty sends the message that she is only okay on the surface and that there is no concern for her feelings nor who she really is on the inside. WTF? The world is such a mess nowadays… Too many ignorant people messing with Mother Nature. Let the child know she is perfect as she is and that you love her. There is no such thing as an ugly child. They don’t ask to be born into this world to be tortured and manipulated to become what some twisted freak thinks they should be. Mom needs help.

  114. Karen says:

    Pageants may have had their place in the past but the world changes and so do our views. Pageants are outdated. Women in this world need to concentrate on job skills that will secure their future, regardless of looks. Stage mothers and pageant mothers need to find a new hobby and allow their daughters to have normal lives. It’s tough enough out there without worrying about lip gloss at 4 and wrinkles at 8!

  115. Pburghmom says:

    I support CPS in this removal. This family needs some intense counseling, and these pageants should be illegal. With respect to my fellow commenters, all I can say is “I agree, but PLEASE learn how to spell for heaven’s sake.”

  116. Eileen says:

    That mother needs to go to jail for child abuse. All the parents who participate in these pageants
    are ignorant, mindless, shallow and pathetic. The kids don’t know any better. Every other woman
    on television seems to have huge fake #####, same color hair and style, …. they look interchangeable, and they haven’t got a clue? What’s to be proud of about getting enormous
    implants, fake faces, fake everything? And has anyone noticed how huge breasts spill out of
    dresses that look painted on, on every reality show? What a sad culture. No class, no taste,
    no shame.

  117. playjojo says:

    To lj, this is a child, in this sense that you speak, a baby. She has NOTHING to bikini wax! Of course if she did, we all know this psycho most certainly would go that route. Every time I hear the term Pageant, all I can think of is Jon Benet Ramsey. I saw a documentary on this subject, and it made me physically ill. And to think some mother honestly see nothing wrong with it. It for for teenagers and up, who UNDERSTAND what it entails, and can say no at anytime.

  118. Anne says:

    People stop watching shows/pageants that feature children dressed up like sex-toys. What is so exciting or alluring about a child made to look and act like a grown woman – it’s certianly a pedophiles dream. But me – I feel sickened that the innocence of childhood is not heralded as beautiful in its own right.

  119. MomtoMany says:

    I get the feeling that these “Pageants” are missing the point, especially for little girls.
    The beauty in a child is natrual, innocenct, and these pageants are trying to make little girls look like grown women (some even added padded “#####” to a costume….that’s gonna require a lot of therapy down the road!!).
    If they want to have these pageants, then the empasis needs to be on the natural beauty of a child, and the sweet innocence that makes that child beautiful!! Put them in age appropriate clothing, fix their hair with age appropriate styles (why does a toddler need a wig to be “beautiful”???), and judge the children on current events knowledge, topics taught like geography, spelling, civics, math, etc. Isn’t that the whole premise of the “Miss Americal” and similar contests? To give away college money.
    So turn these pageants around, and make the awards be college scholarships, and the children have to be “natural”, with limitations put on cosmetic changes like botox, spray tanning, makeup not made for children (like mascara and fake eyelashes). Let the children BE children, and enjoy their childhood.
    Only the Pageant Hosts can make these kind of changes, and it will take effort to get the “false” image of beauty returned to the “real beauty” of a sweet child (not some that are acting out, screaming, or being rude behind the scenes).

    And GIVE SCHOLARSHIP Bonds, that will be paid out when the child reaches college age!! Not an ugly trophey that will gather dust in the garage or attic! Good Luck!! ;-)

  120. Mommyto2 says:

    I’m the dissenting opinion here. CPS overuses their power and is too subjective. They need to get over themselves. The home was not “safe and stable”? Why? Because this mother made a choice YOU didn’t agree with? Too damn bad. That’s the funny thing–we live in a society where freedom is false freedom. Most CPS workers are promoted from office jobs because it’s cheaper for the government to train them than to hire those with social work degrees. They go through de-sensitization training so they feel no emotion for children. They have quotas–a number of families they have to intervene on monthly to keep their jobs. They force you to admit things that are not true or threaten to permanently remove your children. But they don’t intervene on situations where there are children being locked in closets and starved, or physically and sexually abused. Get your priorities straight, CPS, and bring in some workers that know what the f*k they are doing!

  121. Mommyto2 says:

    Oh, and do you really thing taking this child away from her mother is ‘helping’ the child or teaching the mother a ‘lesson’? IT’S HURTING THE CHILD PSYCHOLOGICALLY! The child is the one paying the price.

  122. bernardpalmer says:

    Excerprt from ‘What is the Primary Fundamental Right?’

    “If we legally restrict the freedoms of children for any reason, especially age, then nobody’s freedom is safe because it takes away the basic responsibilities of all parents. Even after all the drug prohibition laws have been abolished everybody’s freedom will always be at stake on this one. It is possible that because we have restricted the freedoms of children we have as a consequence inadvertently allowed our own adult freedoms to be systematically and surreptitiously taken from us. By allowing the existence of laws that let certain people legally enter a person’s home uninvited and remove their children without the parents or the child’s permission and then give them to someone else is probably one of the most damaging things that can be done to a child and to a free society.

    Until the children are free to do anything that the adults can do then probably nobody’s freedom is safe. ‘To protect the children’ is a phrase commonly used by those wishing to restrict adult freedoms and with their banners flying high these people continue to successfully remove the freedoms of everyone. These extremely influential and compassion fueled ‘hypermaternals’ are probably the greatest single danger to any free society, more dangerous than any terrorist attack because the terrorist’s damage is obvious to all. They are the instigators of the ‘Nanny State’, the harbinger of the modern super repressive Socialist police state that will so easily emerge with the coming of the new technologies to create a nation of super Conformists.

    To counter this situation parents must again learn to be responsible for their own parenting and not let governments do it for them. “Why doesn’t the government do something about…” is an identifying catch phrase of the Conformist. Individualism is the main ingredient used when making a free society. Remove it if a dictatorship is required. ”

  123. Donna says:

    there should be a law against parents who do this and signing for them to get tatts some parents want to be friends to their kids instead of parenting them.we need to pertect our kids.

  124. Miss_Mai_Mustardseed says:

    WHy don’t we just ban these pagents for children? it’s stupid and makes people like botox mom stupid. It gives poor little girls like britney issues later in life. Just stop it all PLEASE?!?! what good comes from these pagents anyways? you spend about 4000 grand on a dress you only wear once, and it confuses the children with body image and stuff.

  125. flabbergasted says:

    Sexy is NOT a word that should be applied to little girls. We have enough disgusting pedophiles in the world. We should not be encouraging them. Jon Benet Ramsey, ring a bell? I think allowing these mother’s to dress their little girls up in a way that is not age appropriate is running the fine line of having fun and pimping your child as a sex symbol. And it should be considered mental and physical abuse. (who waxes their 8 yr old!!!)

  126. j says:

    Finally justice for these poor kids. No parent should be allowed to put there child in danger like this. I am glad justice prevailed, but sad for that little girl. I hope she finds a kind, compassionate person to help her be a little girl again.

  127. Amy says:

    I think this is disgusting! Filling up you’re 8 year old childs face up with chemicals to make her “look pretty”, all children are beautiful just the way they are! Why would you want to change what you created? How can you do this just to show you’re child off? I hope the mother gets what she diserves, and i hope that Britney lives a happy, botox free life, and i hope she realises that she is beautiful just the way she is and that she doesn’t have to show herself off, or let anyone show her off, I’m only 17 but when i have children i will teach them what my mother tought me, and that is that you are beautiful just the way you are and it doesn’t matter what anybody says, you’re perfect just the way you are inside and out.

  128. Reno says:

    Well, Good!

  129. Marsha says:

    OMGs!! Finally somebody stepped up for these kids. You idiot pageant moms need to think about what you’re doing to your kids for the sake of a trophy. Hopefully this will be the beginning of some type of change.

  130. M says:

    I don’t think they went too far! I think they did the right think. It is VERY dangerous to be shooting your child up with Botox. That’s insane. Hopefully the mom can get herself straightened out, but that kind of thing needs to stop. Very dangerous.

  131. Ashy says:

    Let me guess her mom is fat?

  132. Ashy says:

    YUP, just saw a picture of her online. Pageant moms for the most part are ugly fat chicks trying to force their children to live out the lives they wish they had.

  133. Shi-Shi says:

    Ugh……Poor Britney……it must be so terrible to have a mother like that. I’m glad that I got sick when my mom tried to take me to one of those when I was little….

  134. [...] mother, a boasted plastic surgery addict, gave her daughter a voucher for liposuction as a gift after she had already given her a boob job [...]

  135. Thank God someone was paying attention. These pageant moms scare the hell out of me :/

  136. transport says:

    Valuable info. Fortunate me I found your website accidentally, and I am stunned why this coincidence did not came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

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