Hair8 Braided Hairstyles to Dress Up Your Boring Ponytail
  • For a creative and unexpected look, try winding a braid around your ponytail, weaving strands of hair into the braid as you go. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Obaz 

  • The only thing better than one fishtail braid? Three mini ones, all braided together and swept up into a ponytail!  

    Image via Pinterest; Source: summerhairstyless

  • Give a plain old ponytail braid a fun update by weaving colorful, patterned ribbon into one or two sections of your hair.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Bleach Black

  • For a super polished look, try working more than the typical three braiding strands together into one sleek, tight, and gorgeous braid. A five-strand braid makes for a much more complex look. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: highlightstlv

  • Double French braids are the perfect contrast to a stick-straight, low ponytail.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Chictopia

  • Consider this super-wide pony proof that you don’t have to stick with tight braids to achieve a chic and elegant look. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

  • Even braiding amateurs can completely ace a rope braid ponytail. Create a cord-like look of your own by separating your ponytail into two sections, twisting each of them, and then twisting each section around one another. 

    Image via Lerika on We Heart It

  • Dress up a high, perky ponytail with a fishtail braid—one of our favorite summer hairstyles. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: The Beauty Thesis


8 Braided Hairstyles to Dress Up Your Boring Ponytail


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