BREAKING: Chanel Brings Back the French Manicure

Posted by October 02, 2012 11:15 am

chanel nails BREAKING: Chanel Brings Back the French Manicure

We have spent the morning waiting (seriously, we’re that obsessed) for news on what exactly was painted on the nails of the models backstage at Chanel. Because as we all know, the nail polish at a Chanel show is a trendsetter, season after season. Everyone refers to Chanel’s Vamp when transitioning back to fall (a staple dark red shade that cannot be duplicated, although many brands have tried) and when searching for that perfect metallic, a smart girl reaches for a shade such as Granite or Peridot.

This season though, our jaws basically dropped to the floor when the models were seen with classic French manicures. Not French manicures with a twist, no, but literally just a classic French. A manicure that we scoffed at when the Real Housewives still requested it at salons, one that we thought was reserved for the over 50 set.

Does this mean that the French manicure is back? Does Karl Lagerfeld have the power to revive such a – dare we say – vintage nail look? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Image via IMAXtree]

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  1. I don’t think it ever went away. There is a difference between “classic” and “vintage” – a classic is timeless, like Chanel. . .

  2. The french manicure is boring compared to all the nail art that is happening right now. I do like all the twists on the french manicure–black tips with nude especially.

  3. I love the french manicure! Some nail art, although fun, is so childish nowadays, but the french manicure is a classic sophisticated look. Of course Chanel would bring it back eventually — like their staple suit the french manicure is a perfect way to finish off the timeless look.

  4. Karie says:

    French manicures will always be a beauty staple. What’s more interesting is the new twists on this tried-and-true look. Metallic edges, neon tips or nail beds that are something other than pale pink: That’s where it’s at!

  5. cindy says:

    I’ve been wearing scarlet oval ( I’m over 50 ), but my husband is probably going to give me a yellow gold & citrine ring for our 25th anniversary, so I’m switching to French squoval to be ready!

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