NailsTuesday’s #NailCall: Brighter is Better
  • @Nananailpolish knows that the only thing better than cheetah print is neon cheetah print.

  • @Nailartbysig colorful designs couldn't help but catch our eye! 

  • @Annatnails created some of the best bright nails we've ever seen. Lime green and confetti — what more could you want?

  • @Nailartbysig used chevron print and an opal stud to add the perfect simple design to her vibrantly colored nails.

  • @Theglitteryblog doesn't mess around when it comes to glitter. Case in point: This ombre effect. 

  • Thanks to @Theglitteryblog, orange and yellow never looked so good with this half moon manicure. 

  • @Nananailpolish definitely turned some heads with these turquoise nail wraps!

  • @Nailartbysig created a glamourous spin on the French manicure by pairing a white base with a gold, glitter tip. 


Tuesday’s #NailCall: Brighter is Better


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