Congress Asks For FDA Involvement In Brazilian Blowout Issue

Posted by May 18, 2011 7:01 pm

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The Brazilian Blowout has been given a pretty bad rep since we learned that the hair straightening brand contains 8% more formaldehyde than is legally allowed. We also got a bit turned off from the brand when we were consistently told by CEO Mike Brady that the product was “perfectly safe.”

Well now, the US Congress has stepped in on the issue, with members sending a letter to the FDA asking them to get the company to voluntarily recall their products, and “other brands that have high levels of formaldehyde based on testing information already available.”

The letter states:
It is clear that the FDA needs to take decisive action. An investigation by the Environmental Working Group revealed the FDA has received 47 complaints from salon workers and clients who experience adverse reactions and injuries (including hair loss, blisters, burning eyes, noses and throats, headaches and vomiting) as the result of giving or receiving hair straightening treatments.

According to the Wall Street Journal, an FDA spokesperson said that “We’re still evaluating the data on these straighteners.”

The question that immediately pops up in my mind though, is why didn’t they step in sooner? Why did the Congress need to write them a letter in order to get them involved? What do you think about the whole ordeal?

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  1. Dina Cook says:

    The issue is that the FDA doesn’t have the right to recall items, the companies are trusted to report cosmetics-related injuries themselves.

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