Nick Arrojo Talks Spring Hair Care & Ombre Style

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As we transition into spring (yes, we’re still transitioning in mid-April) changing our hair care routine to prepare for the incoming rainy season is a must. Not only will we be battling frizz and humid, heavy air, but we’ll also be trying out some new spring trends.

We spoke with Nick Arrojo of Arrojo Studio (and the man who worked for seven years changing lives on What Not To Wear) to find out what trends we should be looking out for this spring and what products will help us get them.

What are your favorite products for hair during the spring/summer season to battle rainy weather?

Healthy hair has the best chance against style-deflating elements like rain. ARROJO Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner are a great option for regular, preventative care. Sulfate and sodium-chloride free, and made with organic and natural ingredients, they dont strip out the hairs natural goodness. Adding moisture, luster, shine, they are exceedingly kind, keeping hair healthy, so its prepared for any weather.

For when youre on-the-go and you get caught in a shower, carry ARROJO Hair Crme in your purse. A moisture-based grooming crme, with oat proteins and shea butter, its great to refresh existing styles while out-and-about, providing smooth texture, softness and manageability anytime youre flashy look flops.

What trends are you most looking forward to for this spring?

Short, textured styles that take out weight and give freedom from blow-drying are fashionable right now, and we love this look. If youre going for spring renewal, think about reinventing iconic and timeless cuts from the past. For example, take inspiration from Twiggys original cropped bob, Eva Cedrics cropped bowl, or Mia Farrows classic crop three stunning, wearable and cool, short styles: Great for easy wash and wear, loose and carefree hair.

Theres also a cool trend going on with color. Ombre colors color that takes hair from dark at the top to lighter toward the ends with a stunning melting effect are hugely trendy and popular in the salon and on the streets of NYC.

Do you have any advice for achieving a runway trend, such as the messy chignon seen at Proenza, at home?

Heres a quick and easy version: On damp hair work a little ARROJO Gel or ARROJO Styling Crme through the hair to help bind it together. Now pull your hair into the shape of a pony, positioning it where you want your bun to be. If it helps, use a ponytail holder to hold in place. Now simply lift the end of the ponytail, loosely coiling and twisting around the base of the pony and into a bun. Think of it like a circle and, to hold the shape and structure, put bobby pins in at every 45 degrees. For a fabulous finish that ensures your bun wont fall out, spritz with hairspray. Finally, pull out and drape a few pieces of hair loosely around the bun, giving you that elegant, sexy, feminine messy bun shape and style.

And what initially inspired you to get into the hair industry?

Academia didnt inspire, so I left school at 16. I needed a job, and some money, to help me enjoy those teenage years. I got a job at a local salon and I immediately loved the energy. There was music blasting all day, which was great for a music mad teenager like me, and there were endless opportunities to socialize with young, fashionable people. I loved it! Soon after, I applied to become an apprentice at Vidal Sassoon. When I went there, the professionalism and commitment to quality and creativity made a massive impression. I realized it was my opportunity to carve a successful career; I vowed to learn everything I could, and to do the right things every day, so I could become a master hair stylist. As for the music and socializing, what a great bonus!

What advice do you give your clients to help them to maintain healthy hair?

The final few inches of the hair shaft are the oldest part of the hair. Its these ends that always look the driest and most damaged, often resulting in split ends. But its because this part of the hair is so old (remember the root is brand new!) that it is easily damaged. Therefore, keep your hair looking healthy with regular trims. Even if you dont want a new style, you should go for a trim every 6-8 weeks to ensure you have no damaged ends making your hair look unhealthy.

I recommend ARROJO Hair Repair Masque to be used as a weekly deep conditioning treat. A highly effective product, leave it in the hair for 10 minutes and its health-giving benefits go deep into the hair shaft, repairing the damage of the previous weeks styling by restoring the hairs natural moisture and keratin.

Using the right shampoo and conditioner for your needs is also important. For example, curly hair types normally have dry hair so they need products that add moisture. Conversely, those that have applied color need color saving products like ARROJO Color Save Shampoo and Conditioner. Simple things, like choosing the right kind of shampoo, make a huge difference. Thats why its important for stylists to educate their clients in product usage and styling.

Another good idea is not to do too much heat-tool styling or blow-drying. The heat from these products can damage the hair, especially for heat-tool junkies who use heat-styling almost every day. This can be protected against with a good thermal protector, but its best to avoid too much heat styling if youre concerned about your hairs health. Remember, one good blow-dry can last three or four days.

Photo Courtesy of Arrojo Studio

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