What To Do When A Freak Ice Storm Ruins Your Hair & Makeup

Posted by February 01, 2011 1:22 pm

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Considering the fact that 1/3 of the U.S. population is being affected by this “colossal storm” (if anyone has been reading weather.com lately, the headlines have been straight from a horror movie), we wanted to prepare everyone for that worst case scenario. You know the one – when you’re just simply trying to walk to the subway, hail down a cab, or get to your car in the parking lot and all of a sudden the wind picks up, your umbrella breaks and it looks like you just stepped out of the shower. I had an unfortunate incident a few months ago in which the dye from my dress literally dripped down my legs the rest of the way home.

Anyway, to save us all from a bit of embarrassment today, tomorrow, and probably the rest of this horrible winter, here are a few tips to salvage your appearance.

Drenched Hair

If you find that your is suddenly caught in a downpour of sleet/rain/”wintry mix”, once you get inside try seeing if your bathroom has a hand blow dryer. If it does, lucky you. Dry your hair underneath that dryer and since it probably won’t look as good as it did this morning, tie it in a messy side braid (all the rage right now). If you don’t have a dryer on hand, take paper towels and soak up all of the moisture from your strands. If your hair has natural curl, there should be enough texture left for a messy bun. And finally, if you have straight hair just again wrap your damp hair into a braid and once dry, shake out and you’ll have gorgeous waves!

Damp, Dripping Eye Makeup

This is the most common makeup issue when the weather is gross – unless you have the most powerful waterproof makeup, it won’t stay put. Once inside go to the bathroom (or even your computer screen) and take a tissue to wipe up the excess underneath your eyes. Very carefully run your fingers along your lashes in an upward motion in order to ensure that your mascara will no longer run or clump, but this will also help to keep your lashes curled upwards as well. Obviously if you have extra makeup on hand you can apply it at this point, but if not this step of drying your lashes will help to keep that appearance of mascara.

That Greasy Face Makeup Look

With all of the moisture that is going on with any storm, weather it be in the warm or cold, we always end up looking a lot greasier than intended. Although everyone should carry around blotting papers at all times, most of us don’t. So, to battle that greasy look take a toilet seat cover from the bathroom, or even toilet paper if covers aren’t available and lightly blot over your makeup, starting with the T-zone.

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