Why Did Jennifer Aniston Really Cut Off Her Hair?

Posted by December 28, 2011 3:25 pm
LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 20: Actress Jennifer Aniston attends the UK film premiere of 'Horrible Bosses' at BFI Southbank on July 20, 2011 in London, England. 
HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 22: Actress Jennifer Aniston who was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on February 22, 2012 in Hollywood, California. 
WESTWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 16: Actress Jennifer Aniston arrives at the premiere of Universal Pictures' 'Wanderlust' held at Mann Village Theatre on February 16, 2012 in Westwood, California. 
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 07: Jennifer Aniston attends Glamour's 2011 Women of the Year Awards on November 7, 2011 in New York City. 
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 17: Actress Jennifer Aniston arrives at ELLE's 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute held at the Four Seasons Hotel on October 17, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. 
LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 20: (UK TABLOID Jennifer Aniston poses for a photocall to promote the UK release of Horrible Bosses at The Dorchester on July 20, 2011 in London, England. 
NEW YORK, NY - MAY 05: Actress Jennifer Aniston signs bottles of 'Jennifer Aniston' at Sephora Lexington Avenue on May 5, 2011 in New York City. 

She didn’t cut it for a man or to feel younger. No, the real reason Jennifer Aniston cut her hair was a practical one. She told InStyle: “The real reason I cut my hair? My real hair was getting thinned out again from all the extensions. It was starting to look fake.”

Jennifer has always been known for her trendsetting haircuts. (I mean, who could forget “the Rachel”?) And with all the fake extensions we see on and off the red carpet, we can only hope that this short, healthy hair is another hair trend in the making!

We hope more starlets take a cue from Aniston in 2012. Healthy hair is always “in.”

Check out the slideshow above to see more Jennifer Aniston hair looks.

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  1. I cut my finger nails today.

    1. pearl says:

      The REAL reason she cut her hair is because she fell asleep with gum in her mouth, it fell out, and it got in her hair. You cut your nails just to be a trendsetter

    2. sun says:

      jen anise cut her hair because it wouldn’t grow long enough to donate to locks of love and her bangs were too long to see the McCall’s pattern she is trying to sew for her next show.

  2. So impressed with her! She seems like such a lady.

  3. Anetnel28 says:

    i cut a deal with the feds

  4. so she didnt cut her hair she took her weave out…. big deal

  5. Katd0205 says:

    I too took out my extensions love my hair

  6. Givensjoan says:

    New hair cut is beautiful  love it,  I don’t like yu with Justin , get rid of  him.

    1. Browneyes says:

      Ignore Givensjoan, Jennifer. You and Justin look fantastic together, and he seems to be more of a down to earth man than skanky pitt will ever be.  You and Justin have class!

      1. cement says:

        get rid of him and go with me!

      2. G.L. says:

        I too think that Jennifer Anniston and her gorgeous man make a very beautiful couple….her ex looks like a cat peed on his hair and that he needs a shower but then of course look who he’s with, both are nasty.

    2. What’s your problem with Justin? Jealous??

  7. Sirdaniel1225 says:

    love Jen. No matter what she does with her hair she will always be more beautiful than that Anjelina whore.

    1. Joanna38 says:

      Shame on you calling someone you do not know a “whore”. Wish people would sue people like you!

      1. Kat says:

        Come on.. she is a whore. A brother kissing, old man f$%king, chick licking, whore. Sue me.

    2. Sheree says:

      Any beautiful girl will always side with Angelina. It’s easy being a common looking girl like Jen. She is nothing special. You feel something in common?

    3. The only whore is you. Jealous much?

  8. brettfan says:

    Just found out about Jennifer’s hair cut. Since Jennifer was one of five of my favorite actresses getting a star this year on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; I google her. I recently found out that Scarlett Johansson, Patricia Heaton, Felicity Huffman, Marge Helgenberger and Jennifer Aniston all got the honors this year. So I googled the ceremony along with pictures of Jennifer. So I am surprised to see that Jennifer cut her hair since the ceremony at the start of the year. I understand the reasoning of cutting it short but Jennifer still looks good. Patricia Heaton also cut her hair, but even shorter than Jennifer and Cameron Diaz had an incident where her hair was cut short by accident but they all look good to me as well.

  9. Mark says:

    A better question is why is she coloring it that color? It does not look good on her to me. Makes her look older.

    1. lalee says:

      That’s B cuz she Is Older and needs all the help she can get.It’s Hysterical when someone refers to her as ‘beautiful’! beautiful is Elizabeth Taylor, ‘jen’ is no more than cute like a million other American girls.she’s turning the guy down cuz she thinks Brad will come back..Brad wanted children,’jen’ said no,wanted her “career”,HA! hope it keeps her warm at night. homely old maid is her future.

  10. Reg Manwaring says:

    Jennifer could coiffure a la Sinead O’Connor and still be drop dead beautiful. She didn’t remove that much. I would still call it “long hair.” The truth is that what comprises her type of ‘BEAUTY,” comes from her figure, her beautiful eyes, her million-dollar smile, her graceful way of moving, and most of all the charm and sweetness that emanates from her intellect and her persona.


    1. G.L. says:

      I agree, there are some people who’ll do anything for shock value, kissing your brother with open mouth tongue kiss, wearing lovers blood in a vile around your neck, have a same sex partner, men & women lovers, and then you think that you’re all that…..better wish to be Ms. Anniston. Bet Brad Pitt’s mother is thrilled with his choice.

  11. Janet says:

    Yeah if you look at her hair color in the Horrible Bosses promo she looks very beautiful, I like it a little darker.

  12. Joe says:

    With or without that beautiful hair Jennifer Aniston is perfection!

  13. Cheryl Smith says:

    I think she looks pretty.

  14. i would just like to buy ONE magazine or television show, that isnt obsessed w/weight loss or looks. just one time.

    1. symone says says:

      did you buy this magazine? i hate to tell you, but you got punked. it’s online and free.

  15. bonnie says:

    A very classy actress for the times!

    1. Maggie Ames says:

      It’s too bad she cannot act. She is a terrible actress. Angelina Jolie is a wonderful actress.

      1. angelbear says:

        Go get your eyes checked! You obviously need glasses or contacts!

      2. Joe says:

        Everyone’s entitled to his own opinion. In my opinion, Jen’s a wonderful, talented actress! Award winning actress! Million dollar per episode actress! -Joe

  16. With all going on in the world, I cannot believe a haircut is news. This is considered “entertainment”?

  17. Margie Stoll says:

    Why do people wear extensions anyway. Just grow your hair out. You can do much more with long hair than short. But IMO she still looks fabulous.

  18. Toni Frye says:

    ok so much on the hair. how about the twins and when are they due?

  19. Dbroeno says:

    I got a paper cut today

  20. dsfo says:

    maybe she got tired of having the same for 20 years she is getting to be a pretty old maid!

  21. stars says:

    good lord look at those crows feet! have you ever heard of Botox, Jennifer!

  22. ENVY40 says:


  23. icepilot says:

    Question from an old, bald man – how do you achieve a consistent blond-with-dark-roots look?

  24. genagirl says:

    Her hair looks exactly the same as it has for years now. What do you mean “cut off her hair”? You make it sound like she did what Charlize Theron did.

  25. John says:

    All of you women posting here are so unbelievably pathetic. I’m embarrassed I even landed here and read any of this juvenile dreck. I thought I was bored and was killing time, but you’re here discussing some stranger’s… hair!?!

  26. I got a haircut today too…..AND?????? Jeez……..

  27. Diane Manley says:

    I hate extreme extensions. Nancy O’Dell is the worst! Who, her age, really rocks hair that long?

  28. lss says:

    Jennifer wanted kids, Brad didn’t. Ironic

    1. SMJ says:

      i thought it was the other way around she wanted a career and he wanted the kids

  29. Maggie Ames says:

    It was the other way around. Brad wanted kids and Jen didn’t. She wanted to get her film career going. Too bad it didn’t go anywhere.

  30. Vitsing says:

    Jen is a beautiful woman but her time as a beauty is starting to run out on the age clock.

  31. sarah says:

    has anyone noticed this story is from december 2011. why the heck is it making the rounds again, now?!

  32. jimmy says:

    i heard she wanted the drapes to match the carpet

  33. Angelina has so many tattoos all over her body that she is limiting herself to roles not requiring much skin to be shown. Like Beowulf. In others, camera foci is limited to shots at angles that do not show the tattoos. As she ages and her skin begins to sag it will cause those tattoos to sag as well and then to become illegible. Just black, wavy lines all over her body.

  34. Carrie says:

    Maybe she should try Wen. It’s all over TV.

    1. Torie says:

      dont bother just buy some cisco or back fat and put that in ur hair, I bought wen and it was terriable

  35. Diane M says:

    she is beautiful long and short she looks amazing

  36. tony says:

    Men’s Health magazine got it right…hottest, most desirable woman of all time…past and present

  37. Patty says:

    She cut it because it was a tired “do” and looked like crap . . . guess what?? It still does!

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