Skin CareCelebrities Who Have Surprised Us By Stripping Down For the Cameras
  • In Zoe Saldana's May photo shoot with Allure, she told the magazine she might, "end up with a woman raising my children...that's how androgynous I am! I was raised that open." Her openness makes sense given the incredibly vulnerable nude photo shoot Zoe posed for. 

    Photo: Allure/Allure
  • In V Magazine's "The Emancipation of Miley," the singer whose haircut caused the biggest uprise in the beauty world since "The Rachel" wasn't nude, but she was in the process of stripping down for the cameras as the photos were taken. We're not entirely shocked by this one considering the growing up that Miley's been doing lately, but whatever the case, we couldn't love Miley more. 

    Photo: V Magazine/V Magazine
  • Everyone's favorite British model Cara Delevingne posed nude in a bathtub for Love Magazine, donning a red lip and a smokey eye. We know Cara's a bit of a wild child, but considering she's only 20 years old and is still somewhat of a newcomer to the high fashion scene, we were shocked to see the photos. 

    Photo: Love Magazine/Love Magazine
  • We all know that as a disciple of pilates, Jennifer Aniston's got one of the best bodies in Hollywood, but when she stripped down to nothing but stripes for GQ, we were all taken back by the actress' photos. 

    Photo: GQ/GQ
  • "Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco posed nude for Allure's "The Naked Truth" and told the magazine, "I have not told my family about this, and I'll tell you why: until they see the photos, they'll never understand. All a mother or father hears is the word 'naked.'" Considering the actress didn't want to tell her family, it's hard to believe she would tell the world. 

    Photo: Allure/Allure
  • While she was pregnant with her first daughter, Jessica Simpson posed nude for the cover of Elle magazine with nothing but yellow sapphire and diamond earrings. Considering the amount of tabloid backlash the star got from the tabloids on the topic about her weight gain and loss, we couldn't believe she posed nude for the cover. 

    Photo: Elle/Elle
  • Jennifer Morrison posed nude for Allure, though at the time when the magazine asked why she'd never done a nude scene, she said, "It hasn't been a conscious choice, but they don't really come my way. Maybe this shoot will change that. I've always been an active person, and working out is part of my life. It's sort of nice to have that be worth it." The girls got guts, that's for sure. 

    Photo: Allure/Allure
  • Promoting her film "Love and Other Drugs" with Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway went nude on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. She's nude throughout a good portion of the movie, but something about the glaring pages of a magazine still feels scandalous for the "Princess Diaries" actress. 

    Photo: Entertainment Weekly/Entertainment Weekly
  • Named British GQ's Woman of the Year in 2012, Lana Del Rey posed nude for the cover and photo shoot inside of the magazine. We're constantly in awe of Lana's style, so when she went without clothing for the cover, it felt like a part of her was missing. 

    Photo: GQ/GQ
  • Maria Menounos was another one of the celebrities to go bare for Allure's "The Naked Truth," and while her photos are stunning, we were surprised to find the former beauty pageant queen who told the magazine "I have some serious issues here," in regards to the nude photo shoot, in the spread. 

    Photo: Allure/Allure


Celebrities Who Have Surprised Us By Stripping Down For the Cameras


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