Cheer On Your Favorite Olympic Team With Nail Art

Posted by July 25, 2012 12:45 pm

This nail art shows how to make rooting for your favorite team, like Australia, super stylish. 


Get in the spirit with these beautifully done USA inspired nails by @ohtammm


Support Italy by doing simple yet chic Italian flag nail art. 


Grab some Canadian bacon and try out this manicure for yourself! 


Fall in love with Egypt with these amazing nails that we want to try out right this second! 


Britain is showing up everywhere from the band One Direction to nail art like this picture by @olivia_beth20. We have a feeling everything British is going to be huge for years to come.


This simple yet inspiring nail art is perfect for representing Japan


Show Jamaica some love this summer with this fun nail art idea. 


We love how wearable this German flag inspired look is and it's perfect for the Olympics. 


Get creative with this Irish inspired manicure by @mullingar_bitches


As you have probably heard, the summer Olympics start on Friday, July 27. We can’t wait until we can sit down, relax and watch the world compete in the most exciting competition since The Hunger Games. However, before you get lost in the hustle and bustle of this glorious tradition, take a moment to spice up your nails with some Olympic team themed nail art.

Whether you are from the United States or Germany, we have 10 unique nail art ideas for you to try out. Want to cheer on Britain one day and Jamaica the next? No problem, click through the slideshow above and have some fun! Make sure to drop us a comment below or tweet your nail pics to @beautyhigh with the hashtag #nailcall to have a chance to be featured in our next Tuesday’s #NailCall.

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  1. Clare Todhunter says:

    Team Australia!

  2. […] an increase in nail art (which isn’t a surprise to anyone; after an incredible showing of nail art at the Olympics, we’d expect it […]

  3. […] seen an increase in nail art (which isn’t a surprise to anyone; after an incredible showing of nail art at the Olympics, we’d expect it […]

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