Hair10 Best Chignon How-To Videos On YouTube
  • After you watch these 10 chignon tutorials from YouTube, you'll be a hairstyle pro! 

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  • In less than a minute, you'll learn how to get a messy chignon hairstyle, straight from your's truly (Beauty High!). We promise you'll never be intimidated by the hairstyle again once you see this video. 

  • If you've got fine hair and you're looking for some heightened volume and a classy updo, this tutorial starring celebrity hairstylist J.D. Audeon is for you. 

  • For a gorgeous chignon with floral embellishments (plus some really fun background music playing), check out this how-to for a loose chignon

  • A date night practically begs for a pretty updo like this one, and with this how-to, you'll be sure to land a second date. Using a ribbon to get the perfect messy look, this tutorial is unlike any others we've seen. 

  • Inspired by none other than North West's mom, this Kim Kardashian chignon hairstyle how-to is not only easy to follow, it feels like you're instantly hanging with your best friend thanks to the Beyonce soundtrack in the video. 

  • A professional-grade how-to straight from Moroccanoil, this one teaches you how to create a retro or modern chignon with techniques even the most hair challenged of us can pick up. 

  • While it's not in English, this video shows you three different ways to style a chignon. Three hairstyles from less than three minutes of time? We're in! 

  • From the geniuses over at The Beauty Department comes this chignon tutorial for short hair. If you're working with shoulder-length or shorter hair, take a peek at this ingenious tutorial. 

  • No one knows hair quite like celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson, who shows you how to get editorial-inspired hairstyles in real life. All of Ted's advice is amazing, but we're giddy at the thought of getting his tips for the perfect modern chignon

  • If Pinterest made videos, this one would be at the front of the pack. For a braided chignon that's sure to get "likes" on Instagram, take a look at this video. 


10 Best Chignon How-To Videos On YouTube


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