NailsDeborah Lippmann’s NYFW Photo Diary: A Day in the Life
  • Custom shade for Kate Spade: Two parts Amazing Grace, one part On the Beach, one part Yellow Brick Road = one delectable Kate Spade Gingham Mint Green.

  • Coffee Bean: Desperately needed daily! And I know where all of the Coffee Bean locations are in the city!

  • Deborah's Fashion Muses: Me with two of fashion's latest muses. (Sarah Sophie Flicker and Michelle Violy Harper)

  • What's In My Bag: Sugar Blues, Kate Spade sunglasses, iPad, my lipstick in Under a Spell and Daily WWD.

  • Nail Ring: I have all of my shades represented on this nail ring so that I can easily show the finished color to designers and stylists.  Every time I pull out the ring people want to grab it and PLAY!

  • Spanx: Hmmm. So bloated – do I need one or two pairs of Spanx?

  • Tower of towels: It seems like I am constantly doing laundry.  This tower of towels are freshly laundered after one day of shows.

  • Mophie: Can't get through a day without my trusty Mophie iPhone battery charger -- let alone a New York fashion week day! (because every day is at least 48 hours long!)

  • After the After Party: Grabbed a late night bite with friends from out of town and met 94-year-old Harry who was dining alone. Wound up walking him home and making a dinner date for next week. I happen to love New York!


Deborah Lippmann’s NYFW Photo Diary: A Day in the Life


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