Nails8 DIY Nail Polish Organizers For Your Growing Collection
  • An apothecary jar is the cutest way to store your polishes and use them as a decoration at the same time. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Molly Rasmussen 

  • Spice racks just so happen to be conveniently perfect for nail polish bottle storage, plus they come in a variety of styles and designs. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Mrs. Skeels Deals

  • WIth a storage solution like this, you can paint the nail polish holder to coordinate with whichever wall you'll be hanging it on, or you can really make it stand out in a bright, contrasting color. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Liparazzi

  • For a cool 3D effect and to accommodate smaller spaces when storing polish, opt for a compact organizational piece like this one. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Bycelina

  • For a more polished look to nail polish organization, go with a cherry wood frame. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Startha

  • A rather simple approach to a collection that belongs to the girl that has every polish known to man, is this option. Added bonus: there's room for your nail care necessities on the larger bottom shelf. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Pointless Cafe

  • Using a picture frame to contain your polishes on the table is an adorable way to keep everything in one place. If you're feeling creative, use a few smaller frames in a cute arrangement to color categorize your lacquers. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Mr. Kate

  • If you're a nail girl on the go (and your friends are always asking you to come over and paint their nails), this portable nail polish storage bin is for you. 

    Source: This Pug Life

    Photo: This Pug Life


8 DIY Nail Polish Organizers For Your Growing Collection


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