HairHow to Find Your Perfect Hair Color
  • Sick of your natural hair color? Here's how to find the color that will look best on you!

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  • Ivory Skin Tone: If you've got a very light skin tone, Angela suggests beginning with a light to medium base color, then highlighting with warm or gold tones. For redheads, the base color should be more of a strawberry blonde than auburn red. For blondes, the base color should be dirty blonde, not platinum. For brunettes, the color should be chesnut, not a deep brown.

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  • Olive Skin Tone: For ladies with an olive skin tone, Angela mentions to stick with a base that's a medium shade of brown with golden or caramel highlights. We love Mila Kunis' subtle highlights that simply brighten up her look without looking like she's colored her hair.

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  • Medium Skin Tone: Darker than an ivory skin tone, Angela says that a light blonde to medium blonde base works best, then add in light, almost platinum, highlights. If you do decide to go this blonde, purple shampoo works well to keep the color pure and keep your hair from becoming brassy.

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How to Find Your Perfect Hair Color


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