What Is the Most Iconic Fragrance of the 2000s?

Posted by December 31, 2011 2:28 pm

When I smell Drakkar Noir, Cool Water by Davidoff, or Polo Sport on a guy, it immediately transports me back to high school dances, infatuation with a certain upperclassman, and mischievous escapades. Those, and other fragrances really epitomize that era for me, but what about the 2000s? We asked nine bloggers to tell us what the most iconic fragrance of the 2000s were, with answers that varied from Coco Mademoiselle to Celine Dion. Click on our slideshow above to view our blogger top picks of the 2000s!

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  1. Andrea81 says:

    CD Pure Poison

  2. meagan says:

    the celine dion perfumes are awful! unless this is the best new perfume for your grandmother article, they should not be on here.

    and what about burberry brit? thats always my go to!

  3. Aire says:

    Hey Meagan,
    As you can see by my quote, my statement wasn’t based on the scent, but more the impact her fragrances had on the industry. :) If I was picking based on scent alone I’d go with Miss Dior. I had a lot of great memories with that scent in the 2000’s. Thanks for your comment. :)

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