NailsEverything But a French: Manicures That Show Off Your New Engagement Ring
  • It's just about impossible to go wrong with a pale pink manicure. Besides the fact that it's appropriate for any social setting, chips are less visible with this color. 

    Image via Touch of Midas 

  • Instead of relying on the classic French manicure that everyone and their mother has, switch things up just a bit with a black tip instead of white. 

    Image via Pshiiit

  • Go a step further than the neutral base with an elegant black design on the tips of each nail. 

    Image via Baby Pretty Cindy

  • A fire engine red nail polish really brings out the white of a diamond, and the glitter in this half moon manicure compliments a sparkling rock so nicely. 

    Image via Madeline Pool Nails 

  • For a fun yet classy look, go for a black and white color scheme and polka dots. 

    Image via Dreaming of You

  • This dark and feminine manicure literally puts arrows towards a new rock, meaning all eyes will be in the right place. 

    Image via Chalkboard Nails

  • If you're the ultimate girly girl, get a little glitter and a lot of glam with this ballerina pink manicure. 

    Image via Nails By Arvonka

  • Deep wine polish has been everywhere for the past few months, and the dark polish combined with a bright diamond is sure to stun everyone. 

    Image via E-Polish Blog


Everything But a French: Manicures That Show Off Your New Engagement Ring


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