Hair Care6 Hair Brushes Every Girl Should Have
  • The Wide Tooth Comb: Essential for detangling and the best friend of curly-haired girls everywhere, this is the comb to use when you're brushing through your conditioner in the shower/untangling your hair when you hop out of the pool. The wide-tooth combs detangle your hair without damaging your locks.
    (Ion High Volume Detangler, $1.79,

  • The Fine Tooth Comb: The secret weapon for straightening your hair. This fine tooth comb helps you section off your hair while you're straightening your locks so you can control the direction and look.
    (Pin Tail Comb, $2.59,

  • The Round Brush: All you'll need for an at-home blowout, a boar bristle/nylon brush is what you need for smooth, voluminous locks. The heat from your blow dryer will react with with nylon bristles, simultaneously smoothing your hair while the boar bristle adds shine.
    (Gripper Ceramic Brush, $18,

  • The Small Round Brush: Perfect for those with stubborn flyaways or bangs, a smaller round brush is essential for a completed look.
    (Ceramic and Ion Hairbrush, $17,

  • The Teaser: Need some volume? This is the best way to do it. Its thin comb and boar bristles help tease hair without breaking it and it's pointy end makes sectioning off easier. Any girl trying to wear a ponytail needs this brush in her collection.
    (Marilyn Teaser, $16,

  • The Boar Bristle: The final ingredient to a perfect hair day, a boar bristle brush stimulates your scalp while distributing oil making your hair look silky smooth all day long. If you could only have one brush, this should be it.
    (Diamond Wood Boar Bristle, $13,


6 Hair Brushes Every Girl Should Have


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