NailsHalloween Nail Art: Get Vampire Fang and Blood Nails to Creep Out Your Friends
  • Step 1: Begin by painting your nails white and red on alternating fingers. We chose to leave the thumbs white, using CoverGirl's Outlast Nail Polish in Snow Storm and Ever Reddy.

  • Step 2: Using a thin black striper brush on your red nails, create the outline of an oval shape.

  • Step 3: Fill in your oval with your black polish (we used Essie Licorice).

  • Step 4: Using a thin striper brush, dip into your white nail polish and start to paint your "fangs." Starting at the end of one of your black ovals, paint a white triangle, two white squares and another white triangle. Repeat this on your other fingers to fill on all of the "mouths."

  • Step 5: Using a glittery red shade (like Essie's Leading Lady) add blood drips to your fangs with a small dotter, just on the tips.

  • Step 6: Using that same glittery red polish, create blood drips on your white nails. Take the small dotter and drag it along the tip of your nail (to cover your entire tip) and then strategically drag some of the polish downwards. You can also add one or two random dots lower on the nail for effect.

  • Step 7: Finish with a top coat, and enjoy your creepy Halloween nails!


Halloween Nail Art: Get Vampire Fang and Blood Nails to Creep Out Your Friends


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