How to Apply Liner On the Bottom Lash Line

Posted by August 08, 2011 8:22 pm
Step 1: Fill in the bottom rim of the eye starting in the inner corner and working your way over. 
Step 2: Make the line a little fuller towards the end and then work upwards from there. Look down and pull up on your brow when angling the line upwards. 
Step 3: Blend the liner into the corner to fill in the gap that you've made. 
Step 4: Line the top lash with a very thin black line and fill in with lots of mascara. 

Eyeliner has made a bold statement this season, with graphic liner looks and artistic wisps being drawn on many models lids as they waltzed down the runways. Since we all don’t have steady hands to draw intricate designs, and well, we all wouldn’t want to — we’re more interested in knowing how to mix up our cat eyes.

NARS makeup artist Lucinda Barreto shows us how to create a thick line on our bottom lash line (rather than the top) still angling it out into a cat eye look. Follow her steps above to get the look!

Photos by Spencer Wohlrab for Beauty High. Model: Ash, Fusion Models

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