Kate Middleton’s Hairstylist Confirmed!

Posted by April 13, 2011 11:53 am

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Kate Middleton appears to have confirmed a hairstylist for her big day, which is quickly approaching (or not quickly enough, as we’ll all be sick of hearing about it by the time it arrives).

James Pryce, of Chelsea’s Richard Ward Salon, has reportedly been confirmed as her stylist for the day – which I guess then means that she isn’t haven’t six?

Mr. Ward himself, will actually be on board as well, but only be tasked with styling Mrs. Middleton (Carole) and sister Pippa Middleton’s ‘dos. According to the Daily Mail, Pryce and Kate met when she announced her engagement in November, and we expect he’ll no longer be just an up-and-coming stylist after this job.

It’s rumored (of course, another rumor) that Kate will be wearing her hair in a half up style, but may be leaning towards flower in her hair rather than a tiara.

Photo: Mike Marsland, WireImage

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  1. Sangelia says:

    Technically she no longer can be referred to as Kate Middleton. To use her maiden name now in various news items, is to claim that she is supposedly not married to her husband HRH Prince William. and is a slight towards not only her, but her husband and his family as well.
    That is a major faux pas for anyone including news reporters to keep calling her by her maiden name.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Technically, that article was written April 13, 2011 – BEFORE she was married.

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