HairHoliday Hair Ideas: How to Get An Easy, Low Knotted Bun
  • Learn how to get this disheveled knotted bun for your next party.

  • Step 1: Dirty hair is a blessing in disguise for this hairstyle, as it will give better hold. If your hair is clean, add dry shampoo like Serge Normant's.

  • Step 2: Pull your hair back and down towards the nape of your neck. Twist it around and up into a low knot, beginning to pin it up into place with large hair pins.

  • Step 3: Continue pinning your "knot" until it feels secure on your head (and it's in the shape you want it to be).

  • Step 4: With the front of your hair, you can pull out and dishevel the pieces as much as you'd like to complete the look.

  • Step 5: Finish with some hairspray, and enjoy your disheveled bun!


Holiday Hair Ideas: How to Get An Easy, Low Knotted Bun


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