Maybelline Great Lash is Launching Four Limited Edition Colored Mascaras

Posted by August 03, 2012 4:30 pm

colored mascara Maybelline Great Lash is Launching Four Limited Edition Colored Mascaras

For the month of August only, Maybelline New York has launched four limited-edition colored mascaras. The classic Great Lash mascara is now going to be available in four shades inspired by the runways.

The shades available will be Pop of Purple, Blink of Blue, Go Go Green and Totally Teal. The Great Lash color collection boosts the natural eye color and enhances the shape of the eye by defining the lashes. While the mascara thickens your lashes, it also conditions which leaves them looking better than ever. Plus, colored mascara has been a trend we’ve been seeing on the runway (remember Stella McCartney’s gorgeous blue-eyed beauties for F/W 2012?) so it’s about time that we can get our hands on a classic mascara to try out the trend.

Pick up one of the colored mascaras at your local drugstore while it is still available! Each costs $6.40 (just a tad more than the classic) and will be available nationwide.

Image via Imaxtree, Maybelline

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  1. Karen Eddlemon says:

    I can’t find this anywhere (have looked in Louisiana and while I was in Chicago this week, too). Can anyone tell me where they found it?

    1. I have been wearing Midnight Blue now called Royal Blue Maybelline sine agr 17 I’m 57 and It is the best norhing comes close to it….why change something that is exceptinal in all ways?

  2. Rubella Nachiose says:

    I can’t find them either. I’ve been looking around in Irvine and Azusa and I haven’t seen them anywhere online (Amazon, Maybelline, CVS, Target, etc).

    1. Karen Eddlemon says:

      I actually found them all this morning at Walgreen’s in Baton Rouge. Bought all four colors because they had a Buy One, Get One half off sale. Walgreen’s in Chicago didn’t have them.

  3. Becca Khuu says:

    I have been wearing the Royal Blue mascara for years and waiting for the colors of the 80s to come back THANK YOU!!! Where can they be found?!?

  4. valerie says:

    In my local Walgreens and display has only 3 left

  5. Lori Mulhall says:

    I hope to find them!!! Still have one green from the last promotion!!!

  6. May Sateurn says:

    Waimart @ Fresno, California has All Four Shades of this mascara on Clearance for $2 a piece..i love this mascara..i will definetly stock up on them..

  7. [...] great way to brighten up your spring (and all warm weather makeup) is with colored mascara. When the higher temps hit, no one likes to cake on the makeup, so a fun statement area to [...]

  8. I bought the Green one last year but never saw the other colours, will def have to pick them up soon, love the purple and teal.

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