HairMiley Cyrus’s Hair: We Rank the Good, the Bad, and the Spikey
  • From worst to best to down right boy band-inspired, we rank all of Miley Cyrus' hairstyles. 

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  • #20. When Miley Cyrus showed up at the Met Gala with this spiked up hairstyle, we couldn't tell if she was going for boy band circa 1999 or Guy Fieri. She does earn some points for the killer red lip, but we can't shake the feeling of wanting to say "Bye, Bye, Bye" to those frosted tips. 

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  • #19. 2008 may as well be known as the birth of Miley's duck face. It's been five years since she's perfected her red carpet photo-ready face, but back then her look was all about extensions down to her hips and dark, dark hair. 

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  • #18. You could say she was ahead of the whole "dirty hair" trend, but we think this grungy look was much more Taylor Momsen than Miley Cyrus. 

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  • #17. In the case of the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, this is what we like to call a good haircut with a poor hairstyle. The color and cut work beautifully with Miley's face shape and complexion, but the voluminous hair looks far too done up to look good. 

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  • #16. Before she went for extensions longer than her back, Miley dyed her hair almost jet black, most likely to shed the Hannah Montana persona she had been working with for so long. We can appreciate a good hair makeover, but this color was much, much too dark for her. 

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  • #15. Good color, bad everything else. These beach waves on Miley are just too much, and look more like a wig than a day at the beach. 

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  • #14. Listen, we love a good ponytail. Whether you're on the red carpet or you're suffering from day-old hair, ponytails can be lifesavers. This one, however, is far too severe for Miley's face shape. Instead of accessorizing her look, it takes away from how gorgeous she is, and we give it a thumbs down. 

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  • #13. The first time Miley walked a red carpet with her newly chopped pixie, she showed up at MTV's Video Music Awards looking almost identical to P!nk. We're all for Miley's pixie, but at the time, we were wishing she would've given it more of an individual flare. 

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  • #12. As her natural hair color grows back in, Miley's famous hair has taken on a more yellow-blonde than a platinum color. We like this style, but the slick, severe styling is too harsh. 

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  • #11. From the front, this hairstyle absolutely killed it. From the side, however, we caught a glimpse of the longer hair from the top of Miley's head coming down to the back, and we can't help but think of this as the 2013 mullet. 

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  • #10. The best Miley's extensions ever looked was at the Kids' Choice Awards in 2011, complete with perfectly styled loose curls and a caramel hair color we'd totally Pin. 

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  • #9. We all try bangs at least once in our lives, right? Miley went for some wispy fringe and absolutely nailed the look, perfect for her style back in 2008. 

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  • #8. Sure, it's a wig, but Miley put herself on the map by playing "Hannah Montana." Plus, we're pretty sure this hair color was what inspired Miley to bleach her actual locks blonde. 

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  • #7. Miley wearing this braid on the red carpet kick started the braids trend that has been holding steady for the past few seasons. We still love this look, looking undone yet polished at the same time. 

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  • #6. Sure, it's long, flowing hair, but Miley's shiny locks in this picture make us want to run to the salon to get a hydrating hair mask. 

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  • #5. Side-swept waves have taken over the red carpet lately, but Miley was ahead of the trend back in 2012 when she arrived at the People's Choice Awards with ombre hair swept to the side. 

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  • #4. When Miley began chopping her hair off a few inches at a time, the beauty world sat up and took notice. This blonde hairstyle, shorter than the extensions we had been so accustomed to, framed her face while the color brightened her up entirely. All in all, it's hard to argue how great she looks. 

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  • #3. The pixie was possibly the greatest move Miley ever made, but styling it correctly is crucial. With this mohawk style, Miley knocked it out of the park. 

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  • #2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Her longer pixie styled into bangs made Miley look feminine, a feat with a haircut so short that it's typically reserved for the boys. This is the ultimate style for girls who want to go super short without getting a buzz cut. 

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  • #1. The best Miley Cyrus has ever looked was at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Complete with old Hollywood glamour, ombre blonde locks, a red lip and her hunky fiancè (or now ex-fiancè?) Liam Hemsworth at her side, Miley broke the gorgeous scale. 

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Miley Cyrus’s Hair: We Rank the Good, the Bad, and the Spikey


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