NailsNail Art How To: Fireworks For the 4th of July
  • 1. Apply your base coat of black.

  • 2. With your striping brush coated in white paint, make swift, flicking strokes beginning at the same point on your nail.

  • 3. Paint a few sparks at the end of some of the lines.

  • 4. Cover the lines with gold, leaving the white at the bottom of your nail uncovered. It’s a sparkler spark!

    Now, you could leave the manicure like this, but what kind of Fourth of July would it be with no big firework show?

  • 5. Grab your dotting tool and load the end with white polish. Now dot your nail with the white, then quickly grab your detail brush and pull points out in all directions from the dot. Next, use your brush to make dots around the rest of the nail.

  • 6. This firework lights up the night sky with it’s power! Grab your clean striping brush and, from the center of your nail, pull out white lines until your design has a round, flower-like shape.

  • 7. With white polish, paint an arch from the base of your nail, up, with your striping brush, then use your gold polish detail to paint a blast.

  • 8. The grand finale starts with three sets of white vertical lines with blasts at the top.

  • 9. Paint a white horizontal line under the vertical lines, and work left to right in a downward fashion to create the reflection of the fireworks in water!

  • 10. How you choose to color your design is up to you! Most importantly: have fun. Oh, how people will ooh and ahh over your fireworks display. Have a safe and happy Fourth, and happy painting!


Nail Art How To: Fireworks For the 4th of July


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