Nails10 Nail Art Ideas For Coachella
  • Tribal nail art can be as colorful as you want it to be, and it always makes a huge impact. While you're sitting on the lawn and listening to the newest music, your nails can speak for themselves. 

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / Kelsie's Nail Files
  • The more color at Coachella, the better. Experiment with some rainbow ombre nails for some impressive tips. 

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / Wicked Nails
  • We love a good half moon manicure (a la Prabal Gurung) and when you add glitter into the mix, it's a party. 

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / MP Nails
  • Nothing screams "spring" more than a pastel geometric manicure

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / Pshiiit
  • What's better for a music festival than music note nail art

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / Let Them Have Polish!
  • This fruity nail art is so cute that they'll practically make you hungry for watermelon. 

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily
  • The best part about this manicure is that it looks really intricate when it's actually super simple. Just paint a nude base color and strips of complimenting polish colors along half of your nail and you've got Instagram-worthy art at Coachella. 

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / Photo Chamber
  • The easiest way to turn up the volume on a monotone manicure is a crazy accent nail, like this white and blue flower paint. 

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / Rina-Alcantara
  • Get your music festival self into summer mode with anchor-inspired nail art

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / Glittla Gloves
  • We can't even imagine how long this nail art takes to complete, but the end result is totally worth it. 

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / Dressed Up Nails


10 Nail Art Ideas For Coachella


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