Nail Art Inspiration From Your TV Set

Posted by November 03, 2011 2:57 pm

Inspired by the perfectly tailored Cheerio's uniform from Glee. These nails are perfect for every Gleek who wants to look oh-s0-chic.

[Oh My Nails]


A personal favorite, I love that each one of these designs represents another aspect of The Vampire Diaries. It's like a mini story book on your nails!

[Oh My Nails]


Another vampire classic, these sexy marbled nails are perfect for the most sensual show on television -- True Blood.

[Jessica's Nail Art]


A little bit of girly edge, these Pretty Little Liars' nails show off all the  mysterious aspects we love about the show. 

[Make Up Videos 4 U]


An oldie but a goodie, nothing can get more whimsical than The Simpsons. 



Great nails for children and adults alike, Sesame Street inspired nails make for a fun mani!



A perfect excuse to rock your Halloween nail art a wee bit longer, Dexter nails are easy enough to achieve with just a little blood (i.e. red nail polish) splatter. 

[The Daily Nail] 


Simple and easy, all you'll need for these Weeds nails are two different shades of green. 

[The Daily Nail] 


Saving the best for last, we LOVE these Breaking Bad inspired nails. Trust us, we would have worn this desert inspired design long after the season finale. 

[Nails and Driffs]


Thursdays are my favorite day of the week. Besides the fact that the next day is Friday, it also means that I can indulge on two of my guiltiest pleasures — Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. Yes, My name is Amanda and I’m addicted to the CW Supernatural Teen Lineup. (BTW, I’m really starting to think it’s a problem.)

But apparently I’m not the only one who needs help when it comes to a major TV show addiction. Sure, you can wear a cool character tee or even sport a Facebook profile pic snatched from your favorite series, but why stop there? Why not take your love for all thing True Blood or even Pretty Little Liars and wear it proudly on you fingertips?

These cool examples of TV show fingernail art we compiled are truly just a small example of the hardcore fan devotion we found online. Feel the same way about a particular show too? Check out the slideshow above and decide how you’re going to give props to your favorite series the next time you’re in the market for a mani.

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