NailsNail Tools To Make Your Home Manicure a Little Easier
  • Giving yourself a manicure at home? Don't even start without these tools. 

  • A nail file and buffer is a necessity to any nail kit.

    Deborah Lippmann Buffer and File $12,

  • A good cuticle oil is key to having good nails, it all starts at the roots.

    Lush Lemmony Flutter Cuticle Cream $16.95,

  • After moisturizing your cuticles be sure to clip away any excess cuticles that are too long for your nails to look polished.

    Professional Cuticle Clipper $3.25,

  • A dotting tool is the ticket to nail art.  You can create countless amount of looks with one simple tool!

    Nail Dotter $3.00,

  • A nail corrector pen will help you clean up all of those little pesky mistakes made when doing your own nails.

    Nail Corrector Pen $8,

  • Create a longer looking nail by pushing your cuticle's back with this nifty little tool.

    Cuticle Pusher $1.25,

  • Dip a small brush into nail polish remover and brush along the edges of your nails, to brush up any mistakes and to help create a polished edge.

    Small Touch Up Brush $3.92,

  • To keep nails even and trimmed, be sure to buy a good clipper.

    Tweezerman Deluxe Nail Clipper $10.00,


Nail Tools To Make Your Home Manicure a Little Easier


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