NailsNegative Space Nails: Our Favorite New Manicure Trend
  • A great gray nail can be neutral, but add in an accent of blue and your negative space manicure is set apart from the rest.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: GetNailed

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  • A combination of all things girly and chic, this is a cute spin on the trend.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Nail Art Gallery

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  • Color blocking and negative space combined?  It makes for the perfect geometric manicure!

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Beautylish

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  • Throw a little texture into your manicure with some pop art and it complements the negative space well.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: FreeStyleNails

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  • Who doesn't love a good stripes and sparkles combo?

    Image via Pinterest; Source: The Sparkle Queen Jolene

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  • Both tribal inspired and black and white, this manicure is the essence of summer.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: LeftHandNails

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures /
  • A black floral pattern with an accent of gold is the perfect partner for a negative space manicure.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: AmivNails

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures /
  • Cotton candy-colored and all lined up is another option for this trend.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: ShellBeezy

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures /
  • Plainly colored but full of texture, the negative space aspect of this manicure is fully accentuated.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: All Lacquered Up

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures /
  • A rainbow of colors in different shapes is a perfect way to play around with negative space. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Just My Nails

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures /


Negative Space Nails: Our Favorite New Manicure Trend


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