New FDA Approved LAVIV Could Be Your Botox Alternative

Posted by October 26, 2011 1:29 pm

In a true beauty breakthrough, the new injectable, LAVIV, is the first and only personalized cell therapy for aesthetics approved by the FDA. What does that mean exactly? Boiled down it means instead of having your face full of Botox, there is now an option for you to use your own fiberblast cells to improve the signs of wrinkles. And what are fiberblast cells you ask? They are the cells responsible for producing collagen in normal skin.

In a three-step-process, physicians will extract a small sample of fibroblast cells from behind the patient’s ear (where the skin is least affected by the elements, sun and aging). They then ship the sample to the Fibrocell Science lab where they are inspected for viability. Over a period of 90 days, the fibroblast cells will be multiplied using standard cell growth techniques until you have hundreds of millions of cells. These cells are then frozen until needed. Once the patients’ cells have been duplicated they will be scheduled for the injection of their personalized LAVIV treatment.

Patients in the clinical trial noticed significant improvements six months after the third and final treatment. Results have been reported to last up to a few years depending on the way the body ages.

There are a lot of reasons why we think this could revolutionize the cosmetic beauty industry, but on top of using your own body’s cells to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, the price is still on point with other injectables — can’t get much better than that.

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