Skin CareSecret Beauty Ingredient: Nutmeg
  • What better time than winter to add a little nutmeg into your beauty routine? 

  • A fragrance full of youth, free spirit and, you guessed it, nutmeg, Dior's Addict will instantly give you a confidence boost with every spritz. 

    Dior Addict, $82,

  • A heavy duty mix of nutmeg and shea butter, this body moisturizer will keep your skin the softest it's ever been. 

    Badger Nutmeg & Shea Every Day Moisturizer, $15.69,

  • Add a drop of this nutmeg essential oil into your regular body lotion or massage oil for an unforgettable spicy aroma. 

    Eden's Garden 100% Natural Nutmeg Oil, $5.95,

  • Help even out your skin tone, treat and prevent blemishes with this cream from Jovees, infused with nutmeg for natural results. 

    Jovees Anti-Blemish Pigmentation Cream, $13.95

  • A body creme with the scent of Jo Malone's first fragrance, use this all over your body in the winter to get a dose of moisture with essential oils and nourishing ingredients. 

    Jo Malone Nutmeg & Ginger Body Creme, $75,

  • A delicious, spice-filled body scrub that's got a healthy dose of nutmeg, this will leave your skin feeling smooth for days on end. 

    Sothy's Cinnamon and Ginger Body Scrub, $45,

  • Give your shower a bit of nutmeg when you use this body wash that smells as amazing as it feels. 

    I Love New York by Bond No. 9 Body Wash, $50,

  • Fill your home with the decadent scent of nutmeg and spice, perfect for those of you who never bake but would love your kitchen to smell like you do. 

    Bath & Body Works Nutmeg & Spice Candle, $10,


Secret Beauty Ingredient: Nutmeg


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