How To Get Perfect Beach Waves No Matter What Your Hair Type Is

Posted by March 27, 2012 9:15 am

A lot of people feel as if their hair is a lost cause when it comes to getting perfect beach waves. But whether you have naturally curly hair or pin-straight locks, we promise the beach wave style is not lost on you. We got some expert tips for achieving this laid-back ‘do from celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak. She has worked on everyone from Mila Kunis to Zooey Deschanel so when it comes to getting that perfectly balanced curl, there is no one we trust more. Read her expert tips below:

How can girls with pin straight hair get their hair to be wavy?

The best way is to start by adding a texturizing spray/beach spray. Twist the hair on both sides of the head and rough dry until completely dry. Touch up with a 1″ curling iron.

How can girls with curly hair get their hair to calm down to be wavy?

It’s best to apply a lightweight oil or cream like Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment to damp hair. Pull hair back into a tight bun and let dry. When your hair is let out it will be a smooth wave, without having to blow dry.

Which products/brands are the best to use for beach waves?

Beach Hair by Kusco Murphy and Bumble and bumble Surf Spray.


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  4. Maya Osornio says:

    another way to get beachy waves is to do 2 dutch/reverse braides when the hair is dry (dry hair with blow dryer), put curling gel and go to bed then in the morning take the braides of and u have perfect waves

    1. AllieGunz says:

      You said “when hair is dry (dry har with blow dryer)” did you mean do it when its wet then blow dry then add curling gel? or add curling gel when it is dry?
      or add curling gel when wet, do a dutch braid, then dry and go to bed?
      So sorry for all the confusion..

  5. ann says:

    this is no help

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