Pippa Middleton’s Perfect Bottom Causes Rise In Surgery

Posted by May 17, 2011 12:03 pm

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Pippa Middleton caused body jealousy across the world after she may (or may not) have upstaged her sister Kate at the Royal Wedding. Not only did we all want her perfectly flat stomach, but her perky butt caused such a ruckus that a Facebook fan page was created in it’s honor.

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The UK has already seen a rise in tanning due to the younger Middleton, and now they are reporting a spike in plastic surgery procedures as well. A 60% spike to be exact. According to The Daily Star, Lesley Khan of London’s Harley Street Skin Clinic said, “We are now seeing scores of female clients seeking the perfect bottom. A few years back everyone wanted the Jennifer Lopez look, but now everyone asks for a botom like Pippa’s curvy but not too peachy.” The tabloid also reported that one such clinic has even gone as far as to name the surgery The Pip Package Perfect Posterior.

We’re as in love with Pippa’s body as anyone else (and just as jealous) but we’re not sure we’d go as far as cosmetically altering our own. Would you?

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  1. Best of Beehive says:

    No, but I guess it’s at least different than the usual plastic surgery on #####.

  2. samira says:

    hummm… what’s so special about her butt… it is not big but somewhat flat without any shape…now beyonce has a nice bottom…. i could see people getting surgery for her butt but not this one of Pippa”’

  3. Ines says:

    What’s the big deal with Pippa, she’s pretty but not drop dead gorgeous, I for one find Catherine much more beautiful. Actually Pippa looks like any regular bi-racial girl in my country (of asian-caucasian mix), and btw her posterior is rather flat.

  4. john says:

    Glade she wasn’t into a face ring!

  5. Corbin Carlton says:

    It is a booty, er uh I mean beauty!!

  6. aria says:

    yeah whats so good about her butt? i mean u people dont no a nice ### when u see one. and most black women have it. j l ### is nothing better than black women. no body has the ### like the black women . no matter what u all say. pippa little flat ### got u all out of shape. yall dont want to give beyonce or any black women there due in anything, cuz ye raciest! and even voted j l the most beautiful woman in the world? excuse me but have anyone ever seen all the women in the world to compare? h no! and she is not beautiful, she is ugly as #### and cant sing a lick!

  7. Lee says:

    People are mistaken, it is not Pippa’s butt that they think is great, it is her shapley body as a whole. We saw her from the backend and most women do not look that good as a whole in the back. She has a perfect shapely figure from the back and her lines are long and slender, but curvy.

  8. lchanford says:

    Who would want a big ### like jlo, as she gets older she is going to wish she had a meat slicer.

  9. Wayne says:

    I’m a regular guy, but I must say that all this attention to Pippa’s bottom/body makes me think of the Biblical scene in Genesis where all of the degenerate citizen’s of Sodom and Gomorrah stand outside of Lot’s house salivating over his daughters and guests. Speaking of bottoms, it makes one wonder how much further we all have to go to get to the “bottom” of our collective purpose and morality.

  10. runuts says:

    she does not have any booty. have you seen any of her other pics? the whiteness of the dress fools your eyes.

  11. jay man says:

    I am a man and I don’t find her attractive. The only reason she is worthy of news is because she is related to the future queen. Kate is very attractive, but the only thing I like about Pippa is probably her name. I find the name, “PIPPA” to be cute.

    Other than that, I don’t find her face attractive. Not the kind of girl, I go looking when going out. Still don’t understand WHAT is attractive about her? A very average/slight below average face and a very average body. Am I missing something?

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  14. WimminLover says:

    Ever look at British women? They are so utterly DRAB – they dress poorly and hide whatever assets they have (and I am sure they must have SOME, but I’ve seen no evidence of it). Pippa’s a pretty lady and you can SEE that – no wonder the entire UK has gone mad over her (nice but unexceptional) bottom.

  15. Allie says:

    Everyone should get a grip on reality. She is a very young woman who takes good care of herself. There is no secret, just disipline.

  16. why not? says:

    I’ll take JLo over that any day.. Still yummy nonetheless.. I mean JLo IS JLo!

  17. C Man says:

    I agree with Jay Man. I don’t think Pipa is anything special, just an average person. When all the hype erupted on the press, I was curious and looked at the pictures, and said “what is all the fuss? She is not that special, just an average girl?”. Oh well, each to his / her own taste.

  18. dick says:

    Oh, I thought the rise was in the front of men’s pants because of her butt. She is not bad by Brit standards and I think she still has all her teeth.

  19. lincoln says:

    youve got to be kidding. how about exercise and a healthy diet. people can be so fake.

  20. lincoln says:

    youve got to be kidding. how about exercise and a healthy diet. people can be so fake.

  21. cman says:

    each to his own liking, and I agree with Jay man, she is an ordinary person. nothing special and had it not to the fact that she is related to the possible future queen of England, well, it would just be another girl on the street.

  22. cman says:

    each to his own liking, and I agree with Jay man, she is an ordinary person. nothing special and had it not to the fact that she is related to the possible future queen of England, well, it would just be another girl on the street.

  23. miss ann says:

    What bottom? She’s as flat as a pancake. I see nothing special there.

  24. Jink says:

    She is VERY average and a symptom of our era…we have gotten away from true classical beauty and glamor, like Catherine Zeta Jones, Vivien Leigh and Liz Taylor, try Jean Simmons? Grace Kelly-these women are true beauties, at best she’s ok, not ugly not extraordinarily beautiful, sister much prettier, this girl has more crows feet than me and I’m 45, and she looks like an oompa loompa with the tan, NOT attractive at all, too orange to dark,,but hey people like Angelina, Julia Roberts and Jenn Aniston are hailed as “beauties” no way. This girl is “put together” , she has the $$$$ big surprise. But its not natural. Sorry don’t get it.

  25. anan says:

    I would think she would cause a rise in name changes. Pippa? lol

  26. janeyre says:

    She has a FLAT Butt. Nothing attractive about that… Her form is shapely and in the hour glass fashion. Still, her backside isn’t her best view. Her sister is more attractive and prettier…

  27. Pepper's mom says:

    Some people obviously have way too much disposible income.

  28. Martin Shellabarger says:

    Western “first-world” culture has become so trite, so plastic (as in “plastic surgery”) that it makes “news” out of this. The entire wedding was an insult to the rest of the world. An insult because the money could have gone to so many noble and needy causes: AIDS, nutrition, poverty reduction, education, vaccines, food for starving people, Diana’s favorite charities. . . the list is endless. Wouldn’t it have been much more elegant, much more noble, much more chic, and shown the royal couple to be people deserving of our honest admiration and veneration had they had a much simpler wedding and donated the bulk of the cost to things which really matter?

    The whole concept of royalty in the modern world is ridiculous. I am an American ex-pat living in Spain and all the royal family does is go to parades, funerals and burn through money which is needed to fight the financial crisis that the wealthy, like them, have intentionally caused. Time for another revolution.

  29. Joe USA says:

    Ewww ..its skinny and boney…I like my wifes bUUtt better..plus she has nice ##### too.

  30. Shelley says:

    A girl bends over in a dress, and suddenly she has a butt to die for? Check her out in a pair of slacks. Must have left her butt home that day, because there’s nothing there! shrugs. I don’t get it. I sure wouldn’t be wasting my money on a Pippa Butt!

  31. missy says:

    so whats wrong with a J-Lo bootie! Pippas is nice but I like my J-lo bootie much better!

  32. OKE says:

    THese headlines catch my eye and I can’t believe what I’m reading. WTF? Why is everyone paying so much attention to this woman? All of a sudden, her sister marries a prince and she becomes the most beautiful woman ever? Why didn’t her perky #### make her a star before her sister married royalty? Please. It’s all so stupid. Obviously, she isn’t beautiful enough without her sister’s title LOL

  33. Chris says:

    When ever someone makes the news.I would take roundness over flatness any day.

  34. jes says:

    ARIA: You are the racist.

  35. Kevin Johnson says:

    Why do people always have to take such extremes? Some people give the impression she’s the most beautiful person on Earth, others suggest she’s as plain as a bowl of milk. Truth is, many guys would say she is gorgeous (honestly, myself included), but there are many many gorgeous women in this world, most of whom are not famous at all. It is very sad that there has been a massive spike in plastic surgeries just because she walked 200 yards in a hot dress. But stating that this is a sad reality does NOT require diminishing her beauty. Let’s admit that many people find her stunning (she is!!), but chasing one individual’s appearance under a surgical knife is not a recipe for happiness… confidence in one’s own beauty projects far better than a sliced-up body trying to get Pippa’s backside or J.Lo’s face.

  36. dwt says:

    Odd divisiveness in the comments here! To my thinking, Pippa looks in terrific shape, but that’s not to say that you won’t see a dozen women with in equivalent figures and faces in a ten minute walk across a college campus. She’s just what your average young, fit, attractive woman looks like. There’s a lot of this kind of beauty out there–lucky us.

  37. okok says:

    Sponsored by American Apparel, raping employees since 2001.

  38. Todd says:

    I saw that headline and I thought it meant she was having surgery and her butt gave the surgeon a rise. Silly me!

  39. GoldCoastGuy says:

    She’s fine and all, I’d rather Kim Kardashian. And PS, it’s a royal wedding.

  40. Tony says:

    Why does english press want us to believe that everything british is the best? Pipa is just like any other girl. they raised diana from the dust and sent her to an early grave. wash kate and her sister pipa and see where they will end!

  41. JM says:

    To all the ### men out there, this is welcome news. Forget the breasts, the focus is on the ### and hips. That has been proved scientifically.

  42. Deb Emery says:

    No!! You want a perfect ### like hers? Run marathons like she does. . plastic sugery is the easy way out.

  43. arimas says:

    @Samira A butt should be big but not too big like Beyonce’s flabby sandbags. Bigger is not necessarily better like very big floppy ##### in comparison to smaller but still big perky breasts.

    Also Beyonce’s horribly overrated.

  44. reddit says:

    99% of comments here are jealous fat women who pick other people with mushed up faces as having better asses.

  45. My Two Cents says:

    So Aria… I’m going to guess by your comments that you are black? Since according to what you say, every black butt/face is superior to ALL others… SMH. That is just as racist, if not more, as the comments you claim others make.

  46. cherie says:

    I’[m sorry people, but her shape, her mother’s and her sister’s are all very similar-i.e. genetics. She probably had a 36-37″ hip measurement, which isn’t very common. She has a very narrow frame. I’m sure she takes care of herself and all, but bone structure is something you’re born with-sorry:-(

  47. justenuf says:

    Perfect butt by whose standards?

  48. tom says:

    its patriotism.
    her sister is now to stately to think of in that manner , so she it the outlet for british identity.

    its human nature.

    im not british , its just my observation.

  49. ronnie says:

    do you not know there are millions upon millions of women whose asses look just as great. But i seriousness any one who begans a tanning program say at 25 can expect to have a condition called leather skin at 45 or younger. I’ve seen many women who would advise anyopne especially women to not use tanning beds as they will deteorate the skin. tannin rays are dangeriopus

  50. Joe says:

    Hey Adler, did you fall asleep in English class?

    IT’S = IT IS

  51. quetou says:

    The black girl was darker, so the white girl worked on her tan
    The black girl aged without wrinkles, so the white girl went for botox
    The black girl had full lips, so the white girl had collogen injections
    The black girl had full breast, so the white girl got implants
    The black girl had a full behind, so the white girl got silicon injections

    But still today, in 2011 – The white girl is still considered the standard of beauty in America

  52. pategp says:

    So there’s been a 60% increase in plastic surgery procedures in the UK because of this lady’s butt? Some peopl need to seriously get a life!

  53. DLynnB says:

    I take it that most do not know that her name is Phillipa (Philipa?) I am not positive on the spelling. Pippa is herchildhood nickname not her “given” name.

  54. sara says:

    Nope, ’cause mine is nicer than hers!

  55. peter says:

    I was hoping for some newer photos with this article. The wedding photos are getting a little old.

  56. HAL COOK says:

    Geez I thought we wouldseeher in somd daisy Dukes.

  57. no_prisoners says:

    JLO has been ridden more than Seattle Slew! NEH NEH as for Beyonce, she is just making the turn at Churchill Downs…………..

  58. sheaster says:

    ok, body image is a huge societal problem these days, but seriously? i’m proud of my curves! the average woman isn’t going to have a body like that, sorry, but that’s real life.

  59. A.N.Reddy says:

    STOP really STOP this nonesense. Leave them alone. Let them lead their lives like we expect that no body should be commenting on our lives.
    Thanks. ANR.

  60. Deiona says:

    i don’t see whats so purrrrrrrrrrfect about it ):

  61. Red Dog says:

    Um, the girl is certainly cute and curvy, but I don’t see what all the “pippa hype” is about. The world is full of beautiful ladies, all with unique figures and features. It’s that what makes them all different, makes them beautiful, whether they are short, tall, slim or plus-sized. The world would be a boring place if they all looked like clones of Pippa. For the record, I think her sister outshines her anyway.

  62. A guy says:

    Not every guy wants a woman with a jello butt and frankly the giant booty fad needs to go as does the Coco’s of the world. There are many guys like me out there that would rather have a healthy woman with a figure like Pippa’s than a jelly filled donut like Beyonce or Coco or most of the women that fill king magazine.

  63. A guy says:

    Oh and Aria it has nothing to do with race at all and having a fat backside comes from eating poorly and not getting the proper exercise and rarely is it genetics.

  64. fran says:

    people are getting totally ridiculous…no wonder the world is in bad shape.

  65. True American says:

    Why dont Charles get a face transplant? Him and his wife both need one they are so UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

  66. kelsey says:

    i dnt think its the most beutiful but its bettr thn mine

  67. Stephanie says:

    A silly headline indeed. That said, Pippa’s appeal is that she is a beautifully presented young woman – the bridesmaid dress was classic and understated, her duties on the day of the wedding were carried out flawlessly and she represents beauty in a classic, understated way. Looking at many of the nasty comments here it would appear that a lot of people have been conditioned to regard beauty in that over processed, obvious, “in your face” way that Hollywood seems to prefer. Kim Kardashian? She has greasy skin and makeup caked on. Julia Roberts? Her mouth is like a mail box. JLo? Another over processed and made up female. Jennifer Aniston? A lumpy chin and nose. Pippa is a natural beauty, who probably hasn’t spent a fortune on herself like many of the examples who have been called out for mention. If you want to define elegance, say “Pippa”.

  68. cuz I know everything says:

    IS this seriously a story?? I didn’t read it, I just saw the headline. WHo thinks Pippa is good looking? SHe looks like a guy and is so overly tiny that she doesn;t look right. I wouldn’t want my butt to look like hers, I want my butt to look like I have one!

  69. str8nation says:

    Why has the media become so vulgar?

  70. robert arnot says:

    she has the hottest derriere i’ve seen in a while. but she’s young and has good genes. anyone who calls that booty “flat” is either chubby or crazy, But, hey, to each his own. It’s a glorious, beautiful world full of different, beautiful women. And some others.lol

  71. KC says:

    This is completely assinine! (Pun intended)

  72. Justice says:

    Ok you know what…this chick has a FLAT BUTT! period and im not trying to be rude but seriously she has a flat butt and an all right face. If I saw her at a bar or at a party I would not go out of my way to meet this girl, and If I did talk to her,she would have to have a really great personality to go along with her averageness! I am not even joking lol

  73. NYCKate says:

    When did surgery become the easy way out? If you want a bum just like Pippa’s then cut out carbs and start working out…. diet and exercise is how she keeps her shape.

  74. Lone says:

    It isn’t flat (more than enough tabloid swimwear pics out there) and it doesn’t require surgery.

  75. marianne723 says:

    Her butt is fine. Rather have one like hers than the gorilla ### that girls are wanting now.

  76. Tania says:

    What a bottom? All I see is back and dress.

  77. Santos Verde says:

    As we would say in the south, “A man likes a little meat with his potatoes.”
    From what I’ve seen so far (other pics), there’s no beef to be seen.

  78. Mike says:

    I am not getting all the hype about this chick’s butt. What butt? There’s barely any curve or shape to it. I guess we’ll just turn anyone into a celebrity these days.

  79. Lou says:

    well she can’t be all bad since she was commando in that picture, but then make that is the key. Just tell all the women not to wear underware!

  80. Lou says:

    well she can’t be all bad since she was commando in that picture, but then make that is the key. Just tell all the women not to wear underware!

  81. sir pompus says:

    now who came up with this idea? her butt looks way below average, not noticeable

  82. Harporu says:


  83. Harporu says:

    Hey Aria , Learn to talk then shut the #### up?

  84. Winnie says:

    You all really have NOTHING else better to do if your really entertaining this story!! What butt are we talking about again? Exactly! NOTHING to talk about!! Get real!!!

  85. JFH says:


  86. HH says:

    Jessica Biel butt is way way way better.

  87. mitzi says:

    she needs to take off her clothes and let us see her naked

  88. AVI says:

    No, I already have one just like that. Why anyone would want to get surgery to have a flat butt, I don’t know. I have to work hard just to get any type of definition at all…nice to know everyone finally wants fit & toned & flat butts?

  89. Harry Potter says:


  90. Roger Rawles says:

    1. Who can respect this author or site when they can’t even spell “its”?
    2. A cute butt is evidence of discipline in diet and exercise. Who would not be attracted to that?

  91. kathy says:

    I’m getting the impression that Pipper was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when someone in the media who has a distaste for the Royal Family is using her as their scapegoat to put digs into the hearts of the Family.

  92. Kris Lobrowski says:

    Bottom aka bum is a large cleaved mass of flesh covering the area that excretes fecal matter. um, the “perfect” allure is…?

  93. Nazi Camp Guard says:

    Oooh! Her emaciated Auchwitz body is so hawt! Love the way her bones poke out of her skin.

  94. Jason says:

    OMG this woman is so overrated! When will this madness end?

  95. sweetv says:

    Butt what butt, Lisa Raye has a butt, Trina has a butt, the Braxton sisters have butt, Serena Williams have butt. Pippa flat as a pancake. Gtve me the black girl body anyday

  96. bud says:

    humpf! Jlo ### for me any day…yummy

  97. Andrea says:

    Yo quetou, then why don’t all white women try to turn their skin black/brown?

  98. B says:

    Why are you questioning her butt and not the rise in plastic surgery? ####### seriously, people?

  99. but watchers r us says:

    Cracks, (no pun intended) me up. so much fuss about a so so derriere.Seen better, patted better, and spanked better as well.

  100. J0eschm0e says:

    it isnt Pippa, it is the dress. y’all wanna do the dress !!

  101. FLADABOSCO says:


  102. JayW says:

    Sorry…but she is just another, flat, curve-less, shapeless white female whom appeals to the generally European standard of beauty: flat as a board, no curves, and generally bony. What is it with white men and their pre-occupation with bony flat women? And what is is with these women…mostly white..who delude themselves into thinking they have these ‘marvelous’ asses? And frankly, I look at Kate and I just don’t get it! I see more attractive women at the local mall!

  103. Eagle1 says:

    It’s great. I want to bury my face in it big time.

  104. Spellink Police says:

    Speling is not yore strenght

  105. John Patterson says:

    Strange way for a surgeon to get a piece of a – - !

  106. James says:

    Steatopygia (pronounced /sti??æt??p?d?i?/,[1] Greek: ???????????) is a high degree of fat accumulation in and around the buttocks. The deposit of fat is not confined to the gluteal regions, but extends to the outside and front of the thighs, forming a thick layer reaching sometimes to the knee.

  107. James says:

    it just a bottom…

    People get all worked up about each other appearence. She is a nice young women but so are many many other people.

    The reality is beauty is fleeting.

    I hope her character is bigger than any part of her anatomy because by chance of birth she has a public role to play.

  108. Dennis Andrews says:

    i look at pippa’s bushy eye brows and wonder if her a$$ crack is a bushy space as well – ohhh nasty will-nots if no shavey shavey

  109. B D says:

    The wind showed us that sister Kate Sure has some sweet cakes! No surgery needed, just a massage@
    Haven’t seen Pippa’s Butt, But look forward to it!

  110. Robert Galman says:

    So she’s got a tuchas, so have all women. Has she done a hard day’s work, or been on her hands and knees scrubbing floors? No! and she never will. Do me a favour, these landed gentry people and their weak chinned wimpy men are made to be special by the press and television. Let’s see her in 10 years time after marriage and children.

  111. Viking says:

    Let’s do some easy editorial surgery: remove th apostrophe in “it’s honor.”

  112. lou says:

    yep i would hit that

  113. Erin says:

    As a woman I have to say overall I think she has a nice slender shape. However as far as a bottom goes I can honestly say she does not really have one.

  114. Big Dog says:

    Proves it doesn’t take much to turn the Brit’s head–sure, she has a cute butt, certainly nothing worth bragging about. They need to look around, we have more attractive women that Pippa ALL OVER the USA!!!

  115. Michelle says:

    I just don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t think she upstaged her sister and I don’t think her butt is all that great. What the heck is the big deal?

  116. Roy Mabe,Jr. says:

    Pippa Middleton’s rear deseres its own facebook page.Kate may have been the one who got married, but Pippa is beautiful too.

  117. Roy Mabe,Jr. says:

    Kate Middleton may have been who got married, but Pippa is beautiful too.

  118. swampy says:

    Pippa is not much to look at in the face, but I’d definitely tap her azz doggie or spooning style.

  119. cntrygurl says:

    Hey aria and quetou…news flash, not everything’s about race. Why the f*** do you have to make everything a damn race issue. That #### is so ignorant. Aria…guess what? When you write something, try not to make yourself look so stupid next time. You are the racist. And calling pippa ugly is so immature. That girl is not ugly. And you’re right, beyonce is gorgeous and has an amazing body. A lot of women are sexy, and it doesn’t matter if they’re white, black, small, big, short or tall. So just because she’s white doesn’t mean that she’s ugly. Grow up. And for quetou…I can see your point to an extent, but you forgot one thing. Why do black women want to straighten their hair and wear weaves? Why would they ever want to have a physical trait that resembles a white girl? To all of you haters who want to talk about her butt being flat and how she’s not even pretty…seriously, the reality is that the girl has a very nice figure and she is pretty. And no, im not some little skinny girl either. I have some meat on my bones. So many women want to hate on other women. And then women want to talk about how the media is so bad and how men are so shallow. Women should love and value one another. It doesn’t matter if you have a jlo or beyonce butt or a pippa butt, those women are all beautiful and sexy in their own way. You all need to stop being racist and stop hating on a pretty girl. Peace.

  120. cntrygurl says:

    Aria, I read your comment again, and I now see that you were calling jlo ugly, not pippa. I guess you think jlo is ugly because she is latina and not black. So I guess what you’re saying is if you’re not black then you can’t be pretty. Seriously? And you call others racist? Girl you need a psychologist. Jlo is by no means ugly. She is gorgeous. White women, black women, latina women, asian women….it doesn’t matter. Our differences are what makes us beautiful

  121. buffers says:

    Well that looks like my butt and I am in my 60s so I am not so impressed! LOL She is a cute young girl though.

  122. buffers says:

    Beyonce? She has a HUGE butt! Yikes!

  123. Matt G says:

    This is silly. Who got to decide that her bum is perfect? I’ve seen better for sure.

  124. Dana says:

    It’s extremely pathetic with all the #### going on in the world that media is obsessed with a skinny twig who probably has an eating disorder…way to go media! No wonder there are so many problems, people are not paying attention to what is really important thanks to the lame stream media.
    Ridiculous! Who cares about her non-existent rear end. Nothing to see, now move on to some real life issues media, you idiots.

  125. Ronald Davis says:

    To cntrygurl, amen. I am a 65 year old Black Man an I have seen many a women and I have found that all are beautiful and anyone who calls one ugly need only look in the mirrow. So, know this, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but ugly is a reflection of the beholder. Pippa, pay know attention to those haters. Your beauty and your figure is your own and you own a gold mine.

  126. PS says:

    In another 5, 10, 15 years, she’ll have some degree of sag and bag in the trunk just like most other middle age ladies. I just hope she’s okay with it when it happens. She’s human like everyone else and our bodies age – it’s nature, not something to fight and resent.

  127. Shamless Hussy says:

    What I’m trying to say is I er uh like I mean you know.

  128. Simone says:

    What the #### is wrong with people, seriously she’s just an average looker. What is so special about her, Catherine is very pretty but I don’t see what the big deal is about Pippa!

  129. Missy says:

    The perfect, classic, hourglass figure. Lovely. But surgery? Not a chance.

  130. Dustin says:

    Another example of someone who wears Booty Pop!

  131. Henry says:

    They all have lovely bottoms.

  132. I.B. Ilan says:

    Glad to see that the Brits have no greater issues to worry about than the shape of their posteriors.
    In my country most people think it is something to sit on, not show around for public admiration.
    Women’s fashion is something of a mystery with it’s own logic and dynamics.
    As long as it provides employment to some and gets the money to move around, who should complain?

  133. steve, ottawa says:

    it would be nice to see the headlines…
    Pippa Middleton’s Perfect Bottom Causes Rise In Exercise.

    probably not from binge drinking and fish n chips

  134. laura says:

    Es paticorta

  135. thomas says:

    How much would a copy of her butt cost? is there a line up of people waiting? are they women or men or both? Is it painful? how long before you can sit on it after it is done? does it it have to be reopened to add age related changes or is it done from the outside with air or water or something? Not interested in having one one me but I am 6’2′ 265lbs so I don’t think my pants would fit any more. Is it just me or people that can afford something like wanting a copy of someone’s butt shouldn’t they have to pass one of those – did you pull the wings off fly’s when you were a kid test before someone calling themselves a doctor was aloud to take their money?

  136. Todd says:

    Pretty sure every hetrosexual male on this planet who stares at Pippa’s #### would quickly get an erection…

  137. Glen says:

    A cute shape and no #####.

  138. Glen says:

    A cute shape w/o #####

  139. Glen says:

    no mammories

  140. Sue DeGelnor says:

    Are we sure the ‘rise’ is in surgery?!

  141. Michael J. Arvizu says:

    Who edits this? It is written: “Facebook fan page was created in ITS honor.”

  142. John Goman says:

    This has got to be the biggest waste of time and space in years. This woman has nowt except a firm ####! For #### sake get a life!

  143. Vo Reason says:

    You’s get a bruised nether region in a clinch with that anorexic. Flesh is a whole lot sexier than bones.

  144. Enrique B. says:

    She’s no J-Lo or Sofia Vergara…..let’s face it, the bottoms in the world belongs to Latina women

  145. Vijay says:

    Pippa Middleton is indeed a shapely and beautiful woman. It is ridiculous for other women to want to undergo surgery to have the same ‘rear’ as Pippa’s. Do they hate the one god have them so mcuch? will the new shape fit the rest of their bodies. There are millions and millions of beautiful women, just the way they are. This is just too crazy.

  146. a_guy says:

    she’s flat like a pencil… whats the big deal??

  147. Christian says:

    I’m a straight white older (not dead) male & I just don’t get it. I’ve never jumped the fence but I guarantee you if bottoms were going to get me to I think it’d be a chocolate one. Plus I just don’t care for scrawny Brits. I like the Bridget Jones look better.

  148. majorangstgirl says:

    Dear Rachael:

    You meant to write “its” which is the correct possesive form. “it’s” is a contraction of it and is. So what you wrote actually is, “. . .fan page was created in it is honor” which of course, makes no sense. A grammar book can help you out if you’re looking to stick with this journalism thing.

  149. Kappa says:

    Anglo-Saxons have rather flat rears (no where near as flat a Mexican or American Indian’s though!)
    Kim Kartrashian has a horribly big implant or fat injections, no matter what she says, (and a look at her x-ray bears this out, you can’t fool us oh trash-taped one!) Jennifer Lopez’s plastic bum is just plain embarrassing in that commercial where she grinds left and right and her thighs and rear keep jiggling beats after she stopped her hoochie-mamma shimmy. Beyonce is a lovely shaped woman. Pippa tries too hard–what with the tanning and padded rear.

    Like the gigantic ##### every under 30 American broad seems to have had inserted, and tramp stamp etched into their skin, this fad too shall fade away, and all you’d have left is plastic English Roses.

  150. xfacto says:

    How can you define perfect? I remember when for white women flat butts and no tans were in. Now it’s dark skin and carves. I’ve always liked curves. The skin tone was was based on the person it came on. This was later explained as subconsciously men like women who are built for child birthing. Even if said man tells hiself he does.
    GMT want kids. Our animal instincts, tell us we are hear to breed and multiply. Like all other living things. Pippa doesn’t look like she could handle child birth with ease.

  151. MARY PHILLIPS says:

    the royal family are gorgeous. Kate,Pippa

  152. Nicole says:


  153. blaine says:

    black women have the best asses – and latinas. Why is it, I must ask, that white females are the (usually self-appointed) gold standard for beauty in this world when you have so many beautiful women all around the globe? Christ, white females are so childish and narcissistic, just their personalities makes them hideous.

  154. Steve Freedman says:

    When did we all want to be the same? What happened to individuality? If every woman looked like Pippa or Angelique then no one would be pretty, they’d become invisible, just part of the scenery.

  155. Mel + Mike says:

    Aren’t you the wise one too!

  156. jade says:

    she got no butt, she got a slit in her back and u call that booty and she is not preetyy at all

  157. marty says:

    only if she’s 5’3″

  158. Horseshit says:

    And the award to the most vapid web page in history goes to…this one.

  159. cesare says:

    una pippa al giorno sgombera dalla casa ogni preoccupazione data da lei intorno!

  160. cesare says:

    scatta l’ora della mastubazione al solo nome:”PIPPA”

  161. Kay says:

    “… a Facebook fan page was created in it’s honor.” In this sentence, you have the WRONG “it’s.” “It’s” is a contraction of two words: “it” and “is,” as in “It’s a rainy day.” The possessive form of “it” is “its,” not “it’s.” All of the possessive personal pronouns: “mine,” “ours,” “his,” “hers,” “theirs,” “yours” and “its” do NOT have apostrophes added to make them possessive.

    My goodness! Where’s your editor?

  162. Susan Isaacs says:

    “created in it’s honor?”
    In “it is honor?”

  163. ralph says:


  164. jose a padron says:

    specialy in women from latin american countries

  165. Jack Lail says:

    She’s got a nice ####, too.

  166. Jack Lail says:

    …a nice ### then.

  167. Jack Lail says:

    How about a nice ar_se.
    Uptight yahoo puritans!

  168. LOD says:

    Who cares about race. So judgmental it’s a shame. It’s also a shame to see that news has stooped this low. Really? Nothing better to write about than someones derriere? These want-to-be trolls trying to stir the pot with comments about race and whatnot really need to get a life and so does the media. Live and let live. Judge not least ye be judged.

  169. LOD says:

    BTW You ladies posting all those nasty comments about white girls give the real beautiful black women a bad name. Stop hurting yourself and your sisters.

  170. stephen says:

    Pippa and word perfect body should never be used in the same sentence. She has the physique of a 13 year old adolescence french boy. No assets to even speak of. I guess europeans have a different take on beauty but every guy I knows would take Sofia Vergara over this Pippa broad all day every day………………………..

  171. Dan Reed says:

    If this is the kind of freedom and integrity we are offering to other democracy thirsty nations – ‘The search for the perfect butt’ contest… the world is in trouble.

  172. keith thornton says:

    “Not only did we all want her perfectly flat stomach, but her perky butt caused such a ruckus that a Facebook fan page was created in it’s honor. ”

    That would be “its” honor…

  173. Roy says:

    Sure like the way you folks leave no stern untoned…errr…stone unturned in your dedicated efforts to get to the bottom of th ings.

  174. mel says:

    In the “Era of 98% ButtHeads ,” is ANYTHING a Surprise?

  175. rachel says:

    How can pippa up stage her sister Kate wen she has just married in to the royal family.. her butts ok nowt spesh!! I wud say kate is the best looking by far>>>

  176. maggie says:

    people seriously think that this young woman’s butt is attractive enough to alter for it?????????? The child needs food!

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    site. Keep up the good writing.

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