Makers of Proactiv Launch X Out Wash-In Treatment

Posted by October 04, 2011 2:43 pm

The makers of famed acne fighting product Proactiv have outdone themselves with the announcement of X Out, their new face wash for teens. While Proactiv is the best-selling product on the market when it comes to combating acne, the system isn’t simple: there are three steps (cleanser, toner, repair treatment) plus multiple moisturizers as well. X Out utilizes all of the powers of Proactiv in a one-step face wash — and for less than the price of Proactiv.

Suitable for all skin types, X Out works using 8.5% benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria that causes breakouts and dry up existing pimples. Also, the formula contains smoothing beads to help exfoliate dead skin cells and fatty acids and humectants to moisturize and protect the skin. The washcan also work as a spot treatment to zap zits if applied on the pimple for 10 minutes and then washed off with warm water.

X Out should be used to wash the face for two minutes, twice a day. The product also has its own entertainment channel which teens can scan with their smartphones or access online. This “Daily Distraction” site provides users with a two-minute video, so they can be sure they are washing for the correct amount of time. X Out is an easy, no hassle face wash with an added exclusive media element, making it theperfect one-step product for teens with acne.

Check out an example of one of the “Daily Distraction” entertainment clips here, and try X Out for yourself or for that special teen in your life today!

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  1. Darian says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous, benzyl peroxide creams can be bought over the counter for a very long time and for much cheaper. Increasing the concentration of it, in fact, makes it a bit more abrasive on the skin. Peroxide has a tendency to from radicals under photolysis, or when exposed under sunlight, especially in the ultra violet region. These oxygen radicals are what’s used to destroy the bacteria cellular membrane within the pores. If it kills bacteria P.acnes by free radical oxidation, it will deal collateral damage to human cells. It will oxidize DNA and in the years that follow, the skin will age much more quickly and become prone to wrinkles. the problem with acne is not inherently bacteria, but rather, the over production of sebum in the pores and over shedding of skin cells in the pore that causes clogging. the bacteria is necessary in breaking down the body’s natural oils to help the skin retain moisture. if the pore is blocked the bacteria will still digest the sebum, it just has no where to go. Instead ask your dematologist what kind of diet, or products will reduce the production of sebum, and what will decrease the clogging of pores. The usual treatment is either the generic adapalene, (a vitamin A derivative) or Retin A another derivative, discovered since the 1980s which reduces excessive oils and renews skin by simply resurfacing the old skin and stimulate growth of new skin. Please read the chemical ingredients carefully before buying, I’m an organic chemist, and the one thing I’ve learned in the pharma industry is that generic drugs are often sold much higher because the consumer is not aware of other version. Benzyl peroxide is the same as in china,canda,or egypt. I despise their methods of taking advantage of others, especially the poor, at an economic downturn such as this.

  2. Diamondcp94 says:

    Hi guys , Watch my Review of ht eXout product plzz (:

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