Missoni for Target: How to Wear Your Cute Hair Accessories

Posted by August 18, 2011 5:10 pm

Aren’t these just gorgeous? They are part of the Missoni for Target accessories collection, launching September 13th in all Target stores nationwide and on Target.com. While we can’t hook you up with the actual products any earlier than the launch date, we can provide some great styling tips on how to wear them once you’ve got them in your anxious hands!

Umberto Savone, owner of the famous UMBERTO salons in Beverly Hills and LA and the creator of the namesake collection of products exclusively at Target was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to give us some styling tips as to how to best incorporate the barrettes and headbands pictured above into a variety of hair textures. “Missoni has always been one of my favorite collections because of all the vibrant colors,” Umberto shares. “My personal signature style from Missoni is a cardigan and a pair of colorful sneakers. With Missoni, don’t be afraid to mix and match! Everything seems to go together.”

To style the Missoni for Target barrettes with fuller/curly hair and what products to use – Umberto says: “For curly or wavy hair, try using the Umberto Beverly Hills Banana Brush ($8.99 ) to smooth the hair over to one side, then over the shoulder. Next use two different Missoni for Target barrettes behind the ear of the smooth side to hold the hair. Finish the look by spraying Umberto Beverly Hills Shimmer Shine Spray ($8.99) for added shine and smoothness.To achieve the 1970s Bridgette Bardot hairstyle, use the Missoni for Target barrettes to hold a little pouf and allow the rest of the hair to tousle naturally or use a curling iron for added spirals. This is a good style for short or long styles hairstyles.”

To style the Missoni for Target barrettes with fine hair and what products to use – Umberto says: “For women with fine hair, clips can also be attached whimsically to low messy buns. Use the clips to gather the hair together for some grip or place the barrette in the crease of a French twist. Try using Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Clean Dry Shampoo to give the hair volume and texture, making it easier to hold the clip. Umberto Beverly Hills Blow Dry Lotion ($8.99) can be used to smooth the hair and Umberto Beverly Hills Roman Oil Serum ($9.99) is good for added polish.”

How to properly place barrettes and keep them from slipping- Umberto says: “To prevent a clip from sliding out, twist the hair once then weave the clip through, giving the clip a tighter hold with grip. Be careful not to clip too large of a section.”

How to style the headbands- Umberto says: “The Missoni for Target headbands are versatile and can be worn on short or long hair easily. Try wearing multiple bands for a hipper look. Hair can be slicked back in a pony tail and a headband worn. Use the headbands to tame a wild head of hair or with shortor on girls with bangs. They can be worn for work or evening!”

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