A Quick And Easy Way To Get Volume With Your Flat Iron

Posted by March 23, 2012 5:15 pm

I have about zero skill when it comes to giving myself a blowout. It is the thought of having to maneuver a round brush and a blow dryer at the same time that completely overwhelms me. Thankfully, I got a few tips from the pros to help me add volume in my hair post-blow dry.

I was at the KeratinPerfect Blogger Bash the other day, when the lovely ladies at Wonderland Beauty Parlor walked me through a DIY blowout. Using KeratinPerfect products I managed to give myself a halfway decent blowout thanks to one particularly helpful tidbit — embrace your straightener.

So many times people will forgo the round brush all together and just leave all the work to their flat iron. The problem with that is your hair ends up straight, but flat. Luckily, I got some quick and easy tips for using your straightener to give you that blowout volume.

1. Use a fine tooth comb — The comb will allow you to section out your hair and control the direction of the straightener.

2. Straighten your hair up towards the ceiling — it’s as easy as the direction you straighten. Section off your hair with a comb, straight up off the top of your head, and run the flat iron from roots to ends.

If you want to give your hair a slight curl at the ends don’t be afraid to do this with your iron. Just be aware of your heat settings, because if the straightener is too hot it could cause your ends to kink.

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