Red Hair Inspiration: 10 Celebrities Who Make Us Want to Be Redheads

Posted by August 01, 2013 10:15 am

Christina Hendricks' fire engine red hair goes perfectly with a bold berry lipstick. 


Emma Stone may toggle back and forth between being a blonde and a redhead, but we've always preferred her auburn locks. 


Jessica Chastain's strawberry hued hair screams old Hollywood glamour, especially when she's rocking a side-swept style. 


Isla Fisher's hair constantly toes the line between red and brown, and that air of mystery is exactly what makes it so beautiful. 


Julianne Moore's auburn red hair is the perfect accent to her green eyes and freckles.  


She may be blonde now, but Nicole Kidman certainly knows how to own red hair. 


Bryce Dallas Howard's rich, red color makes her milky skin look even more flawless. 


Jayma Mays wears her strawberry blonde locks well, keeping her makeup natural with neutral shades of brown and pink. 


Amy Adams has more of an ash red hair color, which makes for a natural look that never asks the question, "Is it box color?" 


Florence Welch is daring enough not only to have the brightest of bright red hair, but also to wear bangs. We have to say, the bold look works wonders for her. 


Choosing a hair color can be incredibly difficult. You’ve got to consider your skin tone, your hair’s history of dyeing and/or bleaching, your personality and about a million other factors. While going brunette tends to be a bit easier because of the nature of hair dye, going red can be much more exhilarating. Not for the faint of heart, red hair instantly sets you apart from the crowd, and if red hair suits you, we say go for it.

For a bit of color inspiration, we took to Hollywood for the best redheads we could find. From Emma Stone’s auburn hair to Jessica Chastain’s strawberry hued locks, here are 10 celebrities for red hair inspiration you can take straight to the hair salon.

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